7 Factors That Could Be The Cause Of A Punctured Tyre And What To Look Out For

Tyre punctures are a common occurrence that most drivers must deal with at some point. Most can be prevented through careful parking and driving, and some can be repaired easily with the right tools. The most common reason for punctures happening is sharp objects like glass or nails penetrating the tyre which result in air escaping Here are more causes of tyre punctures as well as helpful tips to try and avoid them.

Valve Stem Damage

Each tyre is equipped with a tiny protrusion that is used for inflating them. It could result in air leakage if it is corroded, loose, damaged or clogged. Make sure you examine every valve stem occasionally to check if they need repairing or replacing.

Worn-Out Tyres

Tyres that has worn out substantially are particularly prone to punctures, larger braking distance and a swift loss of inflation which can result in a severe accident. It is recommended to replace the tyres on your car the moment you notice visible signs of wear and tear.


Always park your vehicle in places that are safe to avoid vandalism or wrongdoers letting the air out of the tyres.

Tyres That Are Over-Inflated

Placing too much pressure inside a tyre is dangerous. Worst case scenario, it could result in a rapid loss of inflation pressure which could result in punctures once you’ve hit a pothole.

Tyre Bead Leaks

A tyre bead is resting on the rim and if a leak occurs around the circumference, it can result in a flat tyre. To check for possible leaks, you can spray the wheels with soapy water and if you notice any bubbles emerging, it is useful to have a tyre technician inspect the wheel to confirm if you have a puncture or not. If you are shopping for new tyres Gold Coast, be sure to shop around for competitive quotes.

Road Hazards

Always be on the lookout for potholes, debris (like nails and glass) or uneven roads that could end up damaging the vehicle’s axles, undercarriage or wheels.

A Collision Causing The Tyre To Separate From The Rim

A general occurrence is when the tyre hits the curb, causing a separation between the rim and tyre. An experienced tyre technician must attend to this issue to carry out the repair.

Signs To Lookout For That Are Indicative Of A Tyre Puncture?

The severity of a tyre puncture is contingent on the nature of the damage incurred as well as the extent of the infiltration. Have a look at these signs that could indicate a possible tyre puncture:

  • A tyre that loses pressure
  • Instant tyre deflation
  • Shuddering or wobbling wheels
  • Having difficulty in steering the vehicle
  • The vehicle is pulling to the right or left like it is getting pulled into that direction

It is not wise to ignore any of these signs since it could result in unnecessary tyre damage as well as degeneration of your tyre components. More importantly, you could possibly be putting the lives of your passengers and yourself in jeopardy by leaving you stranded alongside the road.

Author: Brady Anderson