Which upgrades will improve your car’s suspension the most?

The car suspension system does not always represent a priority as far as upgrades are concerned. The suspension parts wear out slowly and the result is that you do not even realise that they are worn out or even broken. You understand that something is the matter when you notice that the ride of the car is stiff and you feel every bump in the road. If the suspension system is not adequately maintained, it will certainly not function properly. Have you ever caught yourself wondering if it is necessary to upgrade your vehicle’s suspension? If the answer is yes, know that there is no better time than now to take action.

Are you having problems? Relax because you do not have to purchase a new car. All you have to do is upgrade the car suspension. You will enjoy more precise and controllable handling. If you are thinking about modifying the suspension, it is advisable to not rush into things. It is paramount to spend your money on the right parts and services. If you are curious to discover what performance-enhancing modifications are worth taking into consideration, please continue reading.

Performance coilovers

With the right accessories, you can avoid a bumpy ride. A set of performance coilovers are sure to do the trick. As the name suggests, coilovers are automobile suspension devices that allow the user to adjust various aspects of the car’s height, chamber, damping, and so on and so forth. Coilovers are the elements that help the vehicle overcome a shock, being able to compress and retract depending on the weight of the automobile. A coilover is made up of shock absorbers and coil springs. They are put together as a unit before installation and replaced the moment that the shock absorber has leaked.

There are three kinds of automobile suspension devices: OEM-style coilovers, slip-fit coilovers, and, last but not least, full-bodies assemblies. There is no advantage gained from installing slip-fit coilovers. However, you have a lot to gain by choosing full-body coilovers. A setup of this kind allows easy adjustments, not to say that they can feature threaded lower bodies and mounts. Decide what setup works best for you and make the necessary changes. Installing performance coilovers is not complicated as long as you use the proper tools and are patient.

Strut bearings

Strut bearings, commonly referred to as tower bearings, form the touch point between the spring strut and the car body. They are, therefore, important components of the suspension. On the vehicles that feature a strut-type suspension design, the front struts, which comprise the springs and shock absorbers, are mounted using bearings and even bearing plates. Generally, suspension struts are mounted at the top of the shock absorbers, enabling torsional movement with low friction and positively affecting the steering characteristics of the automobile.

Mechanics strongly recommend replacing the strut bearings so that they do not affect suspension or steering performance. During the spring, you should replace all the strut mounting hardware. If you drive a Ford vehicle, you are lucky because there are plenty of options when it comes down to replacement strut bearings. Search for Ford spare parts manufactured and tested by professionals, so you can rest assured they will be suitable for your application. If you want to upgrade your car to heavy-duty or racing suspension, opt for strut bearings that are compatible with that type of assembly. Make sure you have the right size wrench to remove the bolts.

Air springs

Air springs have forever been used in heavy-duty suspension systems, making it possible to leverage the compressed air that is needed for the braking system. These load-carrying components are deployed on automobiles and buses alike. Air spring inserts can be added to the coil spring suspensions to prevent the wheels from sagging or bouncing. Immediate advantages include instant tuning and the opportunity to adapt handling to various road situations. You can install some kits with the help of basic tools. Nevertheless, you should let the pros handle the project. It will be necessary to fit dropped axles and remove the springs.  

If you want to infuse your life with action, then install the air suspension yourself. Start with the rear air springs, which are meant to support the weight of the ride. Once you are finished, install the front air struts and move onto wiring the compressor for air and power. The compressor requires power to function. In the end, carefully check the installation and setup. Mistakes are the last thing you want.

Bigger Wheels and tyres

The suspension system, together with the wheels and tyres, offers improved handling capabilities and better comfort. If you wish to enjoy a smoother ride, think about changing the wheel and tyre size. Besides having an impact on your ride’s performance, wheels and tyres influence noise levels, comfort, and fuel economy. Adjusting the wheel and tyre size will make the automobile look a lot different, but that is not what is important. Different parts will affect the driving behaviour of the car, enhancing handling and delivering a better ride. Clearance is desirable. The right wheels are big enough to fill the space in the wheel structure where the wheel is positioned, but not exaggeratedly big. After you have added the coilovers and strut tower brace, you will feel as if you are riding in a new car.

The biggest advantage is increased road handling. Put simply, by simply increasing the diameter of the wheel and the height of the tyres, you will not have to worry about instability. Attention should be paid to the fact that plus sizing might possibly lead to the loss of suspension. It is not a good idea to decrease the side wall of the tyre too much, as this will result in road bumps, expansion joints, and similar deformities. Follow this rule: go up or down by only one inch. If you are afraid you will not get the right fit, get in touch with an expert. Do not rely on calculator apps or websites.

Author: Brandon Park