Find Home Buyers in Your Area

If you’re establishing yourself in real estate, you need to know how to bring in the customers that will start your word of mouth marketing. That means mastering a few basic strategies in a couple media, because a broad net will catch more fish, so an approach that reaches out to users of a few media will bring a wider range of prospective clients to your door. If you’re helping connect home buyers and sellers, this means letting people know how to get in touch with you and providing them with branded resources to locate attractive homes that redirect them to you for appointments when they need viewings.

Digital and Print Marketing

Often, the best way to capture that ongoing communication is a digital resource like a branded app that connects to your email when a user has questions. How do you get people to the app, though? Digital marketing is one way, and you should use it because a web site with a direct download link and a social media presence that advertises the app are both going to help people who find your office in searches to connect and start looking at properties. Print marketing is how you can connect to people offline who don’t even know you’re there, though, and the right print marketing design can send people right to your mailing list, download page, or phone contact. That means converting a lead to a contact with one action, and that’s effective marketing.

Cost-Efficient Ideas

Real estate prospecting postcards have been popular for years because postcard rates are affordable and a smart, eye-catching design can get people to act if they are thinking of buying or selling soon. Many people heading into the market for the first time in years find themselves asking where to start, and a good direct mailer is like signal reaching out to them.

Remember to keep a balance of approaches as you grow your marketing engine’s size and complexity, because diverse approaches are the key to long-term gains. To understand how a campaign performed, you’ll have to figure out a way to assess whether it reached its goals or not, and that’s a topic for another day.

Author: Brandon Park