First-ever XT4 from Cadillac

Image credits: General Motors

In 2018, Cadillac introduced the first-ever XT4, an entirely compact SUV designed specifically for the next generation of affluent consumers, at Cadillac House in Manhattan.

Cadillac’s entrance into the fastest-growing premium category of the market, built on a unique compact SUV architecture, has expressive design, assured performance, roomy interiors, and cutting-edge technology.

Customers are drawn in by the XT4’s simple, sculpted lines, which also highlight its strong, muscular proportions. The inside is a distillation of the Cadillac design aesthetic: a skillful blending of technology and enticing aesthetics. Exceptionally well-designed interior with segment-leading back seat roominess.

The Cadillac 2.0L Turbo engine with new efficiency-improving technology, such as Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), powers all models. It is mated to a nine-speed automatic gearbox with next-generation Electronic Precision Shift.

On the XT4, Cadillac also introduces its worldwide “Y” trim approach. The well-equipped Luxury (basic) trim is the foundation for the distinctive Premium Luxury and Sport versions. The Premium Luxury and Sport trims are tailored to distinct consumer likes and preferences using specific content and design elements.


The design of the XT4 was overseen by a group of young designers who represent the core of the car’s target market. They created an expressive SUV that adds a higher level of sculpture to Cadillac’s lineup. The car we see today is very similar to their original concepts for the exterior and interior.

The external design manager, Therese Pinazzo, remarked of the XT4, “It has a terrific presence that is confident and composed.” “It radiates Cadillac’s DNA, but with a fresh aggressiveness that appeals to the youth of its staff and its consumers,” one reviewer said.

The Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Sport versions provide diverse stylistic cues and trim finishes to create individual characters and more options for consumers in line with Cadillac’s “Y” trim approach. Gloss black window moldings, a gloss black mesh grille modeled after Cadillac’s high-performance V-Series cars, and unique Sport alloy wheel options are available on XT4 Sport variants. The grilles, window moldings, and door handles on the Luxury and Premium Luxury variants all have dazzling metallic highlights.

All versions are equipped with front and rear LED low and high beams as well as a light blade that is lighted by LEDs for the daytime running lights. The XT4’s breadth and assured posture are highlighted by the horizontal stretching of Cadillac’s vertical L-shaped lighting signature.

On the Luxury and Premium Luxury models, standard LED taillights are encased in typical red lenses, whereas the Sport model has tinted neutral-density (clear) lenses that go well with the usually darker exterior color options.

The 2019 XT4 are available in eight exterior colors: Atlantic Metallic, Autumn Metallic, Crystal White Tricoat, Twilight Blue Metallic, Shadow Metallic, Red Horizon Tintcoat, Stellar Black Metallic, and Radiant Silver Metallic.


The XT4’s interior exudes boldness and power with a young athleticism that echoes the external design concepts. It seems taut and tightly wrapped thanks to sweeping arcs and tapering lines, which also increase the sense of space.

The interior components come together in a chic and contemporary layout. Next-generation wireless device charging and an in-cabin air ionizer are two examples of intuitive technology.

The inside of the XT4 “distilled Cadillac to its core,” according to Phillip Kucera, manager of interior design. The SUV has a sporty vibe and attitude thanks to the ability to be bolder and simpler than ever before.

The XT4 provides excellent spaciousness for a small luxury SUV, especially for passengers in the back. With 39.5 inches (1,004 mm) of legroom in the backseat, it’s anticipated to be the most spacious vehicle in its class. When the back seat is folded, the XT4 has a maximum load space of 48.9 cubic feet (1,385 liters).

Cadillac Look Design Director Jim Fleming, who contributed to the design of the car’s architecture, claimed that the XT4 was envisioned holistically to give a dynamic athletic exterior without sacrificing comfort and practicality for passengers.

It strikes a terrific mix between providing comfort and luxury on lengthy travels, like a weekend visit to a favorite ski resort, and yet providing sufficient cargo area for the equipment needed for that ski trip.

Additional interior highlights and features are as follows:

  • The broad, three-spoke steering wheel was designed to guarantee driver comfort on lengthy rides while enhancing the car’s athletic appearance. 
  • Seating designed with a sporty aesthetic and noticeable seatback and bottom bolsters strikes a mix between comfort and the type of support often seen in sports cars. 
  • There is a massage function provided. White ambient lighting that is readily available creates a chic glow and draws attention to key details.
  • Along with reduced car controls for simpler, more intuitive operation, technology integration incorporates Cadillac’s first rotary controller for the Cadillac user experience and other vehicle features (see below for more details).

Seven interior settings for the 2019 XT4 are available, depending on Luxury, Premium Luxury, or Sport trims:

  • XT4 Luxury — Light Platinum/Jet Black with Aluminum Metallized decor trim
  • XT4 Premium Luxury — Jet Black with Diamond-Cut Aluminum, Light Platinum/Jet Black with Linear Galaxy High-Gloss Wood, Sedona/Jet Black with Fineline Calico High-Gloss Wood
  • XT4 Sport — Jet Black with Cinnamon Accents with Twenty-Two High-Gloss Carbon Fiber, Light Wheat/Jet Black with Red Accents and Morello Red High-Gloss Carbon Fiber, Sedona/Jet Black with Fineline Calico High-Gloss Wood


The XT4 provides a connected environment under the direction of the most recent Cadillac user experience, the brand’s most cutting-edge infotainment system.

The Cadillac user experience is a flexible platform that provides a smartphone-like experience with an intuitive user interface, quick reaction times, and enhanced speech recognition that can be upgraded over time to accommodate a customer’s changing connection demands. It makes advantage of the cloud and the inbuilt 4G LTE connection to allow personalisation, linked navigation and news, market and entertainment apps through the app store, and a rotary controller that gives customers additional ways to engage with the system.

The controller features a large center dial to operate the primary features of the most frequently used apps, scroll menus and lists, and select other apps to be displayed. It also has volume and seek forward/back controls for the audio system, shortcut buttons for quick access to the most frequently used apps, such as Audio, Phone, Navigation (if available), and Home.


The Cadillac 2.0L Turbo engine is where it all begins. This cutting-edge, 118.5 horsepower per liter inline four-cylinder engine boasts an industry-first tripower technology. The system has three separate operating modes, including high and low valve lift and active fuel management, to maximize performance and economy (cylinder deactivation).

Along with direct injection, active thermal management, stop/start technology, and a twin-scroll turbocharger to increase torque generation at lower speeds, the engine also has these additional features. With 237 horsepower (177 kW) and 258 lb-ft of torque, the output is SAE-certified (350 Nm). The XT4 is surprisingly responsive throughout the engine’s RPM range thanks to a torque curve that is almost flat.

The engine is combined with a nine-speed automatic gearbox, which enables the XT4 to achieve a highway fuel economy estimate of 30 mpg from Cadillaciv. The next generation of electronic precision shift, which has a clear shifting pattern, is also included in the vehicle.

A strut-type front suspension and a five-link independent rear suspension are engineered to combine smoothness and responsiveness when it comes to directing the XT4’s power to the pavement. For various driving styles and road conditions, the tune may be changed as needed using the standard Driver Select Mode.

When the driver chooses, a twin-clutch all-wheel-drive system provides the simplicity of completely detaching from the rear wheels, eliminating drivetrain friction.

The optional Active Sport Suspension for the XT4 Sport raises the bar for driving dynamics and control by employing electronic sensors to continuously monitor the road and alter the damping every 2 milliseconds.

The electro-hydraulic brake aid, which replaces the conventional vacuum-assisted power braking system with an electro-hydraulic technology that improves fuel efficiency and requires less space under the hood, is also a first for Cadillac and is featured on the XT4.

Author: Brandon Park