Five Simple Car Mods You Can Make Yourself

If you’re a DIY person, car modifications are an excellent way to show off your skills. For many people, being able to mod their cars is an artistic challenge. 

You should be aware, though, that some modifications can quickly put you in trouble with the law. You should read up on your state’s laws to avoid running into trouble. This article will be looking at five legal car modifications you can do to make your car stand out immediately:

  • A Paint Job

If you’re willing to dedicate a few hours of your time, getting a paint job done is very easy. Considering that your car’s color is the first thing people will see, it’s a great way to make a statement.

There are usually no restrictions on how you should paint your car as long as it doesn’t resemble law enforcement or any emergency service. You should, however, look up your local pollution laws to make sure you don’t get in trouble for the paint and chemical fumes. 

  • Body Kit Modifications

Body kit modifications are another way to get your car to stand out. They can include changes to bumpers, spoilers, fenders, and other body parts. Interestingly, body kit modifications can improve performance, especially when they are lighter than the original. You can also go for shapes that reduce air drag. You can decide to change a single component or go all out and create a signature look by replacing all of it.

  • Tinted Windows 

Window tinting is more than a cosmetic modification. Yes, it can give a car a cool look and complements a new paint job. However, it also helps drivers to reduce UV light and sun glare, which can be pretty annoying to deal with.

Tinted windows are a bit of a dicey issue concerning legislation. Most states allow you to tint your glasses to a certain degree. The general exceptions are reflective tinting and windows that are too dark to see through. If you’re going to be driving interstate, you should probably keep your tinting to a minimum.

  • Tire Wheels and Rims 

Modifying your car wheels can help boost your car performance and at the same time, improve aesthetics. Bigger and wider wheels can help improve your car’s grip on the road and affect its acceleration. 

Rims, on the other hand, are a purely aesthetic mod. There are several styles and color combinations to choose from to genuinely make your car stand out.

  • Exhaust

Double tailed pipes are a thing of fashion for most sporty-looking cars. They don’t necessarily do anything for performance, but overall, they can make any vehicle look twice as classy. You should take note of whether changing your car’s exhaust will raise the sound by too much. Having a very loud exhaust system can put you in trouble with the authorities.
Modifying a car to suit your taste is a fun experience. It’s even more rewarding when you do it yourself. RevologyCars.com provides some Mustang mods for classic models that can improve aesthetics and performance. If you’re making serious performance modifications, make sure to consult with a specialist. Otherwise, you can always make these body mods in the comfort of your garage. 

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Five Simple Car Mods You Can Make Yourself