Four Quick Tips to Prepare Your Car for Track Days

If you like pushing the pedal to the metal or just going fast in your car, then track days are just what you need. However, not everyone can buy a 250 thousand-dollar Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 911 GT2RS or a BMW M5 even. Most of us have to enjoy racing in much more modest cars. Besides, beginning your racing journey in an expensive car is quite foolish in and by itself, it’s much better to upgrade gradually. So, with that being said, let’s learn how to prepare your car for track days.

P.S. We won’t cover any major mechanical overhauls

Fit proper tires

Racing or trying to go fast on a track with regular tires is not the best idea. You can do it occasionally, but regular street tires are made from slightly different compounds and with a different goal in mind. They are not suited to cutting corners at 100 kph (60 mph) and will severely hamper your performance at high speeds. They aren’t cheap but are definitely worth the investment.

Prepare your steering mechanism

A racing steering wheel will give any driver much more control and a more accurate measure of his/her actions. You can buy a race-ready wheel or you can also refurbish old racing steering wheels at. Steering wheel restoration is a great service that can boost your car’s interior aesthetics.

Remove excess weight

Straight line performance and cornering are severely hindered by weight. If you are strongly oriented towards having a track-ready car, choose to remove all unnecessary items from your car, beginning with the spare wheel, ending with the multimedia and passenger seats. By doing so, you can shed anywhere from 80, all the way to 200-300 kilogrammes.

Change the seats

If you are left with one or two seats, but you’re really committed to having a track day car, change your current seats into racing bucket seats. They’re less comfortable in city traffic but on a track, they do wonders because you’re tightly seated in place during high speed cornering. Bucket seats are much lighter as well.

Author: Doug