Genesis GV80 SUV Set To Get A Luxurious 4-Seat Version In The U.S.

The Genesis GV80, a flagship four-door model of the Genesis GV80, is set to arrive in America next year.

The new variant, dubbed the GV80 Prestige Signature, will have a lot of similarities to the six-seat GV80 model that Genesis sells here in South Korea. However, the third-row of seats will be removed for the U.S., leaving two second-row captain’s chairs.

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In a recent interview, Genesis confirmed that the model was indeed theirs. CNETIt was not clear what it would be. In all likelihood, the second-row captain’s chairs will have power adjustability and found between them will be a large center console with controls for the multimedia and climate.

While it’s not known if there will be any exterior enhancements to the SUV, custom badges could be an option.

It is not expected to make any powertrain adjustments. While the GV80 can be purchased in the U.S. equipped with a turbocharged 2.5 liter four-cylinder, this model will likely only have the 3.5-liter twinturbo V6 rated as 375 hp (391 lbft) (530 Nm). A set of 22-inch wheels and all-wheel drive will be available as standard.

The 3.5T Advanced Plus model is currently the most popular in the GV80 range, and it’s available starting at $68,545. There will be a $1045 destination fee. CNETPrestige Signature is expected to cost more than $70,000. This will make the Prestige Signature cheaper than a Mercedes Benz GLE with six-cylinders, which easily reaches $80,000.

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Author: Brandon Park