Giving Matters: 6 Exceptional Benefits of Donating Your Car to Charity

If you have a car, you would like to get rid of, you might like to know there are other options besides selling it. In fact, you can avoid the work it takes to sell and give it to charity. Consider a few reasons why you might want to make a car donation.

Support a Cause You Believe In

When you support a cause that genuinely matters to you, you can gain a positive mindset. After all, you might be helping children get through high school or providing aid to someone who lacks the necessary funds to buy a vehicle themselves. As long as you donate to a trusted charity that supports a cause you care about, your donation will be worthwhile. It can be smart to do your research on the charities you have in mind to make sure they align with your values before donating.

You Won’t Have to Sell It Yourself

While some people would rather allow their vehicles to rot in their backyards than sell them, other people find new ways to get rid of them. One of the easiest ways is to donate it to charity. Of course, this eliminates the time and effort it would take to sell it yourself. No emails, phone calls, sales price negotiations or meeting up with potential buyers to show it to them. And after all of your efforts, you might find out no one wants to buy it at the price you’re asking. Rather than focusing on all of these details yourself, you can have a helpful charity deal with hassles.

Get it Towed for Free

Since the right charity will tow your car for free, you will not have to pay extra money to get this done. Furthermore, you can avoid searching for the right towing company to fit your needs and calling each one individually to ask questions. This can be a frustration no one wants to waste their time on. Instead, by donating to a charity of your choice, you will have convenient pickup options and communicate with friendly staff throughout the process. This can be a lot quicker and easier than other choices out there. Plus, you will be able to have a cleaner, more organized yard since the car you no longer want, or need will be gone.

Receive a High Tax Deduction

When tax time comes around, it can be important to get as many breaks as possible. For one thing, making a car donation means you may receive the highest possible tax deduction. This can make doing your taxes easier next time and save you money. Claiming as many tax deductions as you can be especially beneficial if you are self-employed.

Change the Lives of Others

Although you may be able to have a car of your own and drive, others are not always so fortunate. Indeed, you can donate your vehicle to someone so he/she can drive to the doctor, school, shopping, or other places. Moreover, you can also donate a car to a charity that supports education. This could mean you will have the opportunity to change the lives of kids. At-risk youth will have the chance to graduate from high school, live out their dreams and have a better, more successful future. Additionally, not all kids have parents who care enough about their futures, but you can show children that other people care in this cruel world.

Feel Like a Better Person

Despite the fact you will be giving away your car for free, feeling like a better person is priceless. Not only can you feel less selfish, but an upstanding charity will prove to you how your donation will benefit people. After this, you will be able to see that your car is more than an automobile to drive in because you will be giving it away to change lives.

Although you could sell your car and gain some extra cash for yourself, giving it to someone in need can give you something more meaningful than money. For instance, you can gain a sense of purpose, and you will always have a memory of the good you did for someone less fortunate than yourself. Plus, you can be a positive role model to those around you. 

Author: Brandon Park