Going Paintless: 5 Best Ways to Fix Those Annoying Car Dents

For car owners, there is nothing more frustrating than getting a dent on the car you just purchased. Despite being careful, there are instances when you can’t avoid minor mishaps like pebbles hitting your car on the road, wrongly parked cars, and even falling pine cones.

However you got your car dented, the next thing you’ll ever think is how to get it removed. It is undeniable that having these dents taken cared of professionally can be expensive, so we need to think of alternative ways to get it done. That being said, here are a few ways to take care of these dents.

Using a Plunger

If you only see a minimal dent in your car, a do-it-yourself paintless dent repair may be done at home using a plunger. A plunger could be a magic tool for car owners. Aside from unclogging your toilets, it could also be used for many more purposes. 

The plunger method may not always work. Take note that this way best works on plastic parts of the car. Once you end up deciding to use this, you may need hot water and your plunger. Splash a bit of water on the dent and the plunger. Begin pushing and pulling until you see the dent pop out. Also, make sure to get the cup plunger and not the flange one.

Use Boiling Water For Dented Plastic Bumper

Boiling water can be utilized in so many ways, and we are glad to let you know that fixing your car dent could be one of them. Like other methods, the boiling water best works on plastic parts of your car. This is to make sure that the dented area becomes flexible enough through the hot water.

The first thing you need to do is prepare enough boiling water and pour it over the bumper’s dented area. The heat won’t last long, so you’ll need to work quickly. Reach behind the affected area and attempt to pop the dent out. You may keep on pouring hot water until you have fixed the needed part.

Make Use Of Your Hair Dryer

Who would have thought that a hairdryer that women use for glamming and doing their hairdo can be used for fixing a car dent? Just as in the first few methods, a hair dryer would give the best results to the plastic area of your car only. So, grab your hairdryer and follow these easy steps.

Start by heating the dented area using the hairdryer, you may set it to its highest temperature. Make sure to keep the dryer 6 inches away from the car’s surface. Keep the heat going until the dent pops out due to the change in temperature. This entire process may only last for a minute, depending on the affected area.

Utilize Dry Ice

Dry ice is generally used as a cooling agent, but little do we know that it is also one of the few ways to remove small dents in your car. Before you use this material, make sure that you are wearing your protective gloves to prevent any possible injury.

Once you have your gloves on, prepare a small block of dry ice and put it over the dented area. The sudden coolness of the metal will likely pop the dent without even leaving a scratch on the car paint. Make sure not to touch the cold part of the car or the dry ice with a bare hand.

Use Your Bucket And Vacuum Cleaner

Yes! You read it right! Vacuum cleaners are not only meant for cleaning, but they can now be used as a tool for taking care of your car dents. Although the success rate of this method also matters on the suction level and your vacuum cleaner’s quality.

Once you have your bucket and vacuum ready, you may begin by making a small hole at the bottom of the bucket. Tape off the vacuum’s nozzle over the bucket hole. Make sure that it is small enough for the mouth of the vacuum to enclose it, to make it airtight fully. 

Once everything is set, you may turn on your vacuum cleaner and wait until the dent pops out. If it did not fix the problem on the first try, tweak the vacuum suction by quickly moving around the house to allow a bit of air inside.


Dents are not surprisingly a bummer for car owners, seeing one on your car could right away cause frustration. The moment you find out that a dent is visible, you couldn’t stop thinking about any possible solution. One of the choices is to send your car to a car repair shop, but it will be too expensive. Good thing, we have this list of ways you can fix your car dents.

Author: Doug