Hassle Free Car Buying Tips

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Car

Before you go out and buy a car there are a few things you need to know first.

  • Know your credit score
  • Know whether you plan on buying new or used and why
  • Know about special APR deals
  • Know when to walk away

Before you decide to go and buy a vehicle you must know your credit score. If your credit score is too low you may not qualify for financing. If your credit score is high you may qualify for additional deals and promotions at various dealerships in your area. You should always check your credit every few months to be aware of your score and potentially fraudulent activity on your accounts.

You will need to decide on whether you are buying new or used before you head out to purchase your car. Some dealerships only offer used cars while others feature both new and used. Knowing what you want will help you decide where to purchase your vehicle from.

Just as you should know about your credit score, you should also know about local deals at dealerships you may want to purchase from. During different times of the year, you will notice greater savings and promotional deals. Watch commercials and follow your favorite dealerships on social media; this will allow you to take advantage of savings that you may miss out on otherwise.

If you have test drove a car and really love it but the price is not where you need it to be, it may be time to walk away. You cannot make the dealership come down to your price. If they are not willing to budge and you know that you will be stretched financially thin then it is reasonable to look for a different car elsewhere.

Best Car Buying Tips
When it comes to buying your new car, a few basic tips will help keep you on track. Remember to stay flexible. You may have your heart set on a specific make and model but when you arrive at the car dealership lot, they may not have it. Be willing to test drive other cars. You may surprise yourself and find another make and model that suits you better. Be willing to walk away if the dealership is not going to haggle. Keep an eye on the monthly interest rates and consider getting financing through your bank or auto insurance. Often auto insurance companies have lenders that they work with. When you walk into a car dealership with financing already secure you may find yourself in a better position to bargain for the price of the car.

Car Fund Money-Saving Tips
Saving money for a car is important. If your credit score is not high enough for financing you may have to purchase used and pay for it with cash on the spot. If your credit is fine you may still want to save up enough for a substantial down payment so that your monthly car payment is reasonable. Some ways to save money is to allocate funds into a specialty savings account for your vehicle purposely and to cut corners in your day-to-day life to see extra in your monthly expenses.

To set up a separate savings account speak to a bank manager at your bank. They will be able to divide your direct deposit pay check so that a portion goes directly to a separate account for your car savings. To save expenses in your overall monthly budget you will want to make smart choices daily. Utilize a smart thermostat and technology around your house so that your lights and utilities are not left on when not in use. This will keep your Scana Energy heating and cooling costs down and leave more room in your budget due to decreased monthly utility expenses. You can also walk more or use your bicycle to save on fueling up your current vehicle. Until you have saved enough for your new car you may want to cut back on going out for meals, drinks or pricey coffee as well. By brewing coffee at home and cooking more at home you will free up quite a bit of money in your monthly budget.

Following these helpful tips combined with the wisdom of what to know before you buy will help you to make the best purchase choice. Remember, your next vehicle is just some saving and planning away and soon enough you’ll be driving around in the result of your hard work and determination.

Author: Doug