Have you bought a Lemon? New Car Buyer’s Right

A car is termed a ‘lemon’ if it has a manufacturing defect that is largely beyond repair. 

This nonconformity or defect in the car is something that impairs the value, safety, and use of the new vehicle, which fails to conform to a manufacturer’s warranty on the vehicle. 

Most customers who buy cars in Pennsylvania don’t detect such Automobile Lawsuit situations until a reasonable amount of time has passed. However, when such a situation occurs, an attorney is informed. This attorney will help you get a refund of your purchase price with a subtraction based on the period you have used the car for. You could also get a replacement within the range of the lemon car. 

Details of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law

Vehicles released after February 11th, 2002 are covered under the PA lemon law

When you lease or purchase a vehicle from a dealer, make sure you get a written warranty that covers the use, fitness, and vehicle condition. 

The standard warranty for Lemon Law right is called twelve and twelve, which signifies a 12-month warranty or 12, 000 miles. 

A vehicle purchaser’s right, as well as the manufacturer’s obligation to that customer, remains intact for the duration of the vehicle warranty. 

What to do if you purchased a lemon

The first thing to do is to return a defective vehicle to the manufacturer’s service facility in Pennsylvania. You should also notify the manufacturer or authorized service handler with the defect and this should be done in writing. 

After notification, the manufacturer can choose to repair the vehicle at the service site where you delivered it or could transport it to a service facility. This is done as the manufacturer’s cost.

Always ask for an itemized statement describing the repair problem in clear terms. 

In cases where the defect has been repaired but continues to exist, also make sure it is included in the itemized statement. Car dealers must also notify manufacturers of the nonconformity issue within 7 days since its return so that the vehicle can go through the second stage of repair. 

What if the car cannot be fixed?

If your car remains unfixed after three attempts or after 30 days since it was taken for repair then you are entitled to a refund or a vehicle replacement. 

The refunded amount would be sans the amount deducted for your usage. If the vehicle is going to be replaced then you will be given a vehicle with a comparable amount to the first one. 

If you face a dispute concerning a defect then you are expected to take part in any arbitrary program or formal dispute settlement procedure which will be established by the manufacturer and executed according to your Lemon law right.  

If all remedies are tried in futility you might want to sue the manufacturer for violating the lemon law, as well as their consumer protection laws.

In the lawsuit, you can demand three times your damages, attorney fees as well as other items. You can also seek a refund or a replacement of the vehicle you were unable to fix.

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Have you bought a Lemon? New Car Buyer’s Right