How can you use rideshare experience when starting an affiliate marketing campaign?

The rideshare economy is a young yet extremely perspective industry. Though being around for less than a decade, it has already become a massive worldwide phenomena with many die-hard fans – and quite a lot of adversaries too. That means that it creates a lot of buzz – and there are many ways to profit from this.

Whether you´re turning the steering wheel for the likes of Uber or Lyft yourself, or you´re a total newbie looking for some fresh marketing options, rest assured that rideshare affiliate is an exceptional opportunity to get involved with one of the fastest growing and most attractive businesses around. Here are some tips and tricks why, where and how should you do it.

Ridesharing has some of the best commissions on the market

The rideshare industry was formed to offer an alternative to expensive and sometimes even unsafe taxi cabs. What made it so successful was positive feedback and subsequent recommendations that began to spread among the people. This tradition of valuable (and valued) references is still heavily present in the ´modus operandi´ of these companies. In practice, this means that rideshare business offers some of the best affiliate commissions around. For example, you can earn from 100 to 1000 dollars per every referred driver and dozens per new passenger. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Another sympathetic benefit of partnership with rideshare companies is that you don´t really have to persuade anyone into using their services. Referring to rideshare is more about being at the right place in the right time for those who need a ride or crave some driving job.

Affiliate campaign can be managed on the road too!

Aside from gaining rewards from the rideshare companies, you can also earn some extra income by starting an affiliate company directly in your rideshare vehicle. After all, you´re in contact with dozens of various people every day, and you have enough time and space to present your campaigns along the way.

More and more advertisers see the potential of rideshare affiliates and optimize their campaigns to fit this type of environment seamlessly. For example, they offer drivers their smart devices with pre-installed advertisement apps suggesting your passengers what should they drink, eat or buy. These interactive adds can even be customized based on the passenger´s pick-up point or destination. For example, they can suggest someone heading to a club some popular drink, or show advertisement for vitamins to passengers going to a medical center. As a driver, you don´t really have to do anything aside from providing the space for this device.

Stay on the safe side with reputable affiliate network

The truth is, if you´re creative and determined enough, you can turn almost any affiliate program into a customized rideshare campaign. You can improvise and communicate with your passengers in order to refer them to some services they might really need. You can direct singles to top dating sites, couples to best hotels or travel agents, families to attractions and adventure parks, tourists to great eateries, and so on and so forth. Whether you´re looking for earning some extra bucks from the rideshare companies themselves, or you´re eager to monetize your driving job to the maximum, your possibilities are almost endless.

However, if you´re only starting with affiliate marketing, the first thing you should really do is find yourself a reliable support network. Services like TopOffers affiliate network marketing, which is currently one of the fastest growing affiliate networks on the market, can save you lots of time, energy and money by matching you with trustworthy and lucrative advertisers. Being a part of a large affiliate community is also advantageous because of the continuous support and regular benefits in form of various bonuses.  

Author: Brandon Park