How Good Samaritans Stepped In and Helped Wildfire Victims in Need of Vehicles

The California wildfires not only took the lives of many citizens, but also left thousands homeless and in a tight bind. Research is also showing us that, aside from the devastating numbers of people and animals killed, and billions in damages to homes, businesses, and more, many other people were left without jobs to come home to. There are many reasons for this: from businesses burning to the ground, and due to cars being set ablaze as the fires streamed through cities, ruining people’s chance of transportation for the final time. During this difficult time, many Californians wondered how they would be able to manage after things took such an unfortunate turn, leaving their families with very little.


How Turo Lent a Helping Hand


A website known as Turo, formerly RelayRides, decided to lend a helping hand for those in need after the California fires. Turo is a company that offers peer-to-peer carsharing for those in need. That means that, if you currently don’t have a vehicle but you’re in need of one for an important event, you can rent a vehicle from another party at Turo, and experience sharing in an all new way. Private car owners enjoy lending a helping hand to others by renting out their vehicles on an online and mobile interface in San Francisco and beyond.


Turo invited many hosts to help LA fire victims by lending their vehicles to those in need after the fires had taken it all. Since last month, they made the announcement to enable hosts to rent out their vehicles free of charge to fire victims who unfortunately lost their vehicles but are in need of transportation during this difficult time. Turo personally waives the Turo trip fee for guests, though they still have to cover the cost of their protection package. Now this is a company that believes in helping those who have less than us.


The company keeps lenders safe by cross-checking zip codes of the areas that are under evacuation due to the Southern California fires. For those who are wanting to make a difference in a big way, this is a wonderful way to do it, as people in need struggle to get back on their feet in recent events and find it difficult to get from place to place with little choices in transportation.


The California fires have pushed many Californians into a terrible situation, left with very little or nothing depending on their unique circumstances and their location when the fires began. In fact, various news reports stated that the fires were expected to cause at least $1 billion in damages, with thousands of buildings burned to the ground. Seeing these numbers makes it obvious that many people were thrown from their homes to live with family, at shelters, and so much more. Being displaced can make it difficult for anybody to maintain employment, see loved ones in the hospital, and so many other things we do in our daily lives.

Author: Brandon Park