How I Found A Hotel in St. George To Stay in For A Weekend Trip

My husband and I had a few friends that moved to St. George within the past few months. These were our really close friends and we hated to see them move away. However, our friend was offered a job in St. George that he couldn’t refuse, and his wife agreed with him that it was a great move. She was ready to move out of our small little town anyways and knew she would be able to find a job once they moved there. However, with the job her husband was offered, she wouldn’t need to worry about working. It was soon after being offered the job that they moved and ever since they have been asking us to come visit them and see their new home.

My husband and I tried to figure out the best time that we could go stay there for a weekend. It was only a couple hour drive to get there and if we went, we wanted to make sure that we would be able to stay the weekend. After discussing with our friends, the best time for us to come in and visit them, we started looking for a hotel in St. George to stay in. They offered for us to stay with them, but my husband wanted to get a hotel room. He wanted the privacy and didn’t want to intrude on them.

I went online and started searching for St. George hotels to stay at for the weekend. I found lots of hotels when I searched, and I was able to see their rates for the weekend that we wanted to stay. I could also see reviews and ratings about the hotels right on the Google search. I had heard about other hotel comparison websites and I wanted to look at them before deciding where to stay.

I searched for hotel comparison websites because I couldn’t remember the name of the one I saw a commercial for. I found several and them and the one I was thinking of too. I went to each one of them to see what kind of rates they had on their websites. I was able to view the price of the hotel for the entire weekend stay and even sort the prices by that. This one website was really nice, and I could see the reviews on there from others that had stayed at them before. I found a few I was interested in staying at and I showed them to my husband. He told me it didn’t matter to him and just to reserve one which I did.

We went to the hotel first and then contacted our friends to let them know we made it. They came and picked us up and we had a great weekend. They showed us around St. George and they also said the hotel we were staying in was one of the nicer ones around.

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How I Found A Hotel in St. George To Stay in For A Weekend Trip