How Lithium Powers Our Lives And Is A Stepping Stone To A Greener Future

Lithium, sometimes known as white gold, is a soft, silver-white metal that is highly flammable and reactive, as well as being a vital part in many of the ways we live and power our lives. This essential element can be found in industrial settings, such as in metallurgy or as a lubricant, to some medications, to even nuclear fusion. But the increasingly popular and important use for lithium is its hand in lithium-ion batteries. The demand for such batteries has massively increased, as it powers not just small handheld phones and power tools, but also electric cars. If you’re pondering ‘recycling near me‘, it’s worth noting that while a significant portion of lithium can be recycled, the overall lithium supply still needs to bolster. Electric cars are pushing up the demand for lithium as they become more popular since many are starting to push away from traditional fossil fueled vehicles. 

The problem with the skyrocketing demand is that the US contains only 3.6% of global lithium reserves, putting an increased reliance on the international mining industry. The demand for lithium is expected to increase by 22 times by 2030, and while a significant portion of lithium can be recycled, the lithium supply needs to increase.
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Lithium In The Energy Economy

Author: Brandon Park