How Marijuana’s Impact on Depression Has Come to Light Due to COVID?

The COVID-19 wave left the world in shock. It has not only impacted the social and economic life of people worldwide but has also affected the mental health and well-being of many of our kins. People’s stress and anxiety levels have been at an all-time high, and hospitals have reported a considerable rise in cases of depression. Meanwhile, the impact of marijuana on depression has also come to light during these times. Let us see how this herb has been a source of hope for patients suffering from clinical depression.

Increased Consumption of Marijuana Among Depression Patients During Pandemic

Clinical depression calls for proper medical treatment. The health condition usually takes years to cure, and the patients must undergo regular medication all this while. Extensive research is being done in this field to help the patients come out of this condition more easily and quickly. The use of marijuana has formed a part of depression management. Many health care practitioners prescribe marijuana along with other medicines to patients suffering from depression.

A recent study conducted by the Journal of Addictive Diseases has brought marijuana to light during the times of the pandemic. The study conducted by renowned universities, including The University of North Carolina, State University of New York, and the University of Texas, has brought forth rather shocking revelations. Researchers in the study claim that medical cannabis consumers suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety reported a massive increase in their marijuana dosage ever since the COVID-19 wave swept the world. Reportedly, the patients, who were mainly suffering from chronic depression, increased the use of marijuana by a whopping 91%.

Those suffering from other health issues such as autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, and cardiometabolic conditions also increased the consumption of marijuana but not as much as those dealing with mental health issues.

Marijuana – A Means to Cope Up with the COVID-19 Stress

COVID-19 undoubtedly had a significant impact on our mental health. The possibility of contracting the highly contagious virus and the restrictions on going out and socializing aggravated the stress levels. Those suffering from anxiety and depression were the worst impacted. They looked for means to cope with the critical situation, and as per the study mentioned above, many resorted to marijuana.

It seems like cannabis proved to be effective for these patients and helped them deal with the situation bravely. Why else would they increase its dosage? However, whatever the condition is, it is always wise to consult your doctor before increasing or decreasing the dosage of cannabis or any other prescription drug to avoid any harmful side effects.

Thus, we see how the use of medical marijuana for depression increased as the countries began taking strict measures to control the pandemic’s spread. This shows the trust of depression patients in cannabis.

We hope the pandemic recedes soon and gives way to a healthier environment.

Author: Mike