How Much Does a Limo Service Cost in Las Vegas?

What motivated your trip to Las Vegas? If it’s those movie scenes with lights, entertainment and laughter there’s usually a limo included too, right?

While movies can be phony, Hollywood gets it right when it showcases Las Vegas this way. There’s no better way to explore and enjoy this vibrant city. And we’ll help you budget for a limo service in Las Vegas during your next trip.

Why is This Your Better Option?

But why is this such a popular transportation option in this city that never sleeps? Firstly a limo represents what the other establishments, hotels and casinos also stand for: Luxury and grandeur.

During your trip to Las Vegas you’re allowed to splurge on a limo ride to get the full effect of the rich life.

But there are practical benefits too. A limo allows enough space for you and your friends to travel together and you keep the roads safe when responsible, alert drivers stay behind the wheels.

Now which service will you and your friends enjoy most?

What Determines the Price?

Where Are You Going?

Firstly you must consider what you’ll be using the limo for. Popular services include:

  • Catching a stylish lift from the airport to the hotel. Limo services often ask a flat rate for these standard transfer services.
  • If you want ‘As Directed’ limo services where you’ll direct the driver where to go, you’ll be charged by the hour.
  • Las Vegas limo companies know their audiences and many visitors come for special occasions. This is why you’ll find party bus or limo options that can provide food and drink as well. You’ll book the vehicle for a set number of hours. An average price is just over $100/hour.

Different Types of Limos

No matter which of these options you pick your final quote is based on the type of car you drive in.

Even entry level options are still stylish in Las Vegas since you’ll find yourself in a Lincoln town car or even a Cadillac. If you have the budget you can request more pricier models such as the latest Mercedes, BMW or Audi models.

But what about the stretch limos, right? This ultimate in stylish living makes sense if friends travel together as they can take up to eight passengers. If you want even more space a Hummer SUV stretch limo can transport 12 to 20 people and will cost around $110/hour.

The more space and style you want, the more you’ll need to pay.

Optional Costs and Extras

Did you know that a gratuity is not always an optional cost? Many limo companies work this into their hourly rates to ensure drivers are looked after. Ask about these specifics so you don’t offend your driver by not tipping or pay this extra expense twice.

Always discuss how the following—sometimes hidden—costs are handled by the limo company. Some may charge you later while others add it to the quote beforehand:

  • Airport tax
  • Tolls
  • Administrative fees
  • Fuel surcharges

Don’t let your excitement prevent you from reading the fine script.

The good news is that Las Vegas doesn’t require you to pay sales tax for limo services.


How do you pick the best service? That’s what reviews are for. Read a few before you leave for your trip. You’ll quickly see who provides punctual service and who puts the customer first.

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How Much Does a Limo Service Cost in Las Vegas?