How much does it cost to Replace a Windshield?

How much does it cost to replace a windshield?

A damaged windshield can be an eyesore and a safety hazard. Driving a vehicle with bruised or nearly broken windshield can lead to serious consequences as the full visibility is compromised. 

If the damage is mild, crack, or a small chip, it can be repaired. What alarms the car owners more is the windshield replacement and the costs associated with it.

Windshield replacement costs depend on various factors that play a vital role to get to a definitive number. Here is how much the auto glass repair costs, let’s break down all the factors that impact auto glass replacement cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Windshield?

Windshield glass is not any ordinary glass, dubbed as tempered glass, the normal glass is heated and rapidly cooled down to make it 10 times stronger and resistant. 

The cost of windshield replacement stands anywhere between $100-$400. This cost varies depending on multiple factors. The average cost including the labor may cost about $210-$250.

The windshield replacement cost depends on the vehicle as well, for collectibles and luxury cars, the replacement cost may jump up to $1500 and up.

Let’s go through the factors that cause the variation in auto glass replacement cost.


You will find different windshield designs for common vehicle models, like Honda, at a competitive price. Repair shops charge a higher cost of repairs for luxury vehicles like Lexus and Mercedes Benz. It also varies depending on the model, year of the vehicle, and installation procedure.


Different states charge different rates for windshields. Check with the local repair shop to know how much it would cost. The city you currently reside in may cost more or less than the others.

Type of Glass

The type of glass plays a vital role in determining the cost. Aftermarket windshields are available for $100 or even less but are these windscreens up to the quality standards? Definitely not. Purchase a quality glass for the perfect glass-to-frame fit. It may cost more but it is the safest option available.


The extent of damage is a deciding factor as to if the windshield needs just a quick repair or a replacement. Check to be sure, if either a quick fix would do or you need to go for replacement.

Front or Rear Glass Replacement

Windscreen replacement cost is different for the front and rear glass replacement. Backglass replacement falls in the range of $100-$300, it is less because there is no added cost of the wiper assembly.

Replacing Windshield

Choose a reputable company to purchase a high-quality windshield. You may find it a little expensive but it will be worth the cost. Choose the experienced labor for the installation procedure to be a success.

Putting it all together, a small chip often leads to cracks and replacement eventually. It is illegal in many states to drive with a cracked windshield. 

Windshield glass replacement cost makes for a small fraction of the total vehicle cost, replace it before it causes any potential future hazard.

Author: Mike