How Old Do Children Need to Be To Ride a Dirtbike?

Children might want to start dirt biking because of siblings or friends. This can be a great bonding activity for the entire family. Children can start riding dirtbikes at the age of 3 if they are electric and 4 with training wheels for gas-powered dirtbikes like a Suzuki Street Magic. By the age of 6, your child should be able to ditch the training wheels and even attempt a jump or two. 

As children get from 8 to 10 they might become speed demons although there will be a few falls along the way. Practicing on straight paths is important so your child can get the feel for controlling the bike. These can be heavy so it might take some time before you hit the real trails. 50cc dirtbikes are great to start out with after the electric bikes that small children ride. Speed is relative so going 10 to 15MPH might feel incredible for your child. Safe practice is essential as you do not want to have anyone injured due to trying to do too much too quickly. 

Used 50cc dirtbikes can cost around $700 while new ones cost around double. Putting stress on protective gear cannot be understated as you do not want any significant injuries. The helmet is something that is a must, if you catch your child on a dirtbike without a helmet, it should be taken away for a significant period. Protective gear is affordable when you compared medical bills that will pile up if it is not worn. You should anticipate spending around $350 for this gear and more as they outgrow their current safety equipment. 

How Your Kids Can Safely Ride Dirt Bikes

You need to do research on the safety of dirtbikes before making any decisions. Most parents do not realize how safe a dirtbike can be as they just hear about catastrophic events where safety equipment may or may not have been been using the right safety equipment. Below are a few aspects of dirtbike safety that you need to consider: 

  • More than half of dirtbike injuries that require hospitalization were done on an official track. Most dirtbike riding is done on trails or off-road as official tracks can be dangerous with other less or more experienced riders. 
  • Racing and jumping the main culprits of serious injuries rather than on a nice trail ride. 
  • If you are a parent that is worried about injuries, do not take your children to the track with these jumps and racing. 
  • Alcohol is a factor in over half of deaths caused by dirtbike accidents. Your children will not be drinking so this dramatically decreases the chances of this. 
  • Nearly ⅔ of deaths are caused by not wearing a helmet. 
  • Four-wheelers are actually far more dangerous than dirtbikes. 

During your child’s first ride you need to set the governor so they don’t accidentally hit the throttle and take off. First gear is perfect as it will go around the same speed as a bike. Slowly allow them to get into a higher gear as they gain experience. Dirtbikes can be a blast for children and adults alike. Stressing safety will only reduce the likelihood of any injuries. 

Author: Brandon Park