How Technology Has Changed the Way We Wash Cars

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The car wash industry stands out as one of the industries that emerged after motor vehicle innovation. As such, the industry has served for more than one hundred years and continues to be one of the major sectors contributing to the economy’s well-being. However, the sector has largely grown and expanded with the increase in the number of cars on the road today.

Technology in the Car Wash Industry

Just like technology has transformed almost every other sector, the car wash industry has been impacted for the better. There are several technologies that have specifically been designed to enhance the well-being of the car wash industry. Most of these advanced technologies have been brought in place to ensure that the vendors can clean vehicles within the shortest time possible to allow them to continue with their journey.

Other advanced techniques have been implemented with the primary purpose of making the sector streamlined and more efficient. Here are some of the ways through which technology has changed the way cars are washed.

Car Wash Booking Systems

The last few years have seen an emergence of car wash software specifically designed to help vehicle owners book a car wash. The car wash booking software is advanced enough to help customers remotely book and pay for car wash services wherever they are.

By booking the day and the specific time your car can be brought into the car wash, the wait time has been eliminated. A car wash can also manage other operational activities using the software, thereby streamlining the venture’s operations. Other benefits of car wash software include:

  • Managing customer requests
  • Printing business reports
  • Online appointment services

Water Conservation Technologies

In a car wash, water is the most critical resource that has a significant impact on the venture’s cost of operations. The more water that’s used in cleaning a car, the more each wash costs for the business. Most car wash companies are now looking for innovative ideas for managing water use in their businesses to cut down on water bills. 

Recycling water stands out as one of the most innovative techniques that car wash businesses have incorporated to minimize expenses associated with water. Not only does this technique save money, it also reduces the environmental impact of washing your car.

Dry-Washing Technology

Car wash companies are also offering dry-washing technology that does not involve the use of excess water. Only a few gallons of water are used together with cleaning detergents and a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum system’s sole purpose is to remove all the dirt and debris on the car while the few gallons of water rinse off the car. Some dry-wash solutions don’t require the use of water at all. 

This service is very useful to the drivers who do not want to spend much time on the car wash. With a few touches, the car is ready for the road and looks clean.

Additional Car Cleaning Services

Traditionally, most car cleaning businesses were only involved in washing cars with water, which formed the entire product of the venture. Income streams were very limited, and most of the car wash ventures could not be sustainable without a large number of cars. 

However, everything has quickly changed with the incorporation of additional services. Some of the services that car wash companies are currently offering include:

  • Car buffing
  • Repainting services
  • Upholstery

These additional services have significantly contributed to increasing revenue flows in car wash agencies.

These are some of the innovative ways through which the car wash industry continues to advance. Most of the vendors in this industry believe that technology will play a critical role in improving the revenues that most car wash organizations receive. This is because technology has increased the number of services offered while at the same time enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in business operations.

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How Technology Has Changed the Way We Wash Cars