How to Build a Successful Truck Dispatch Business

The opportunity to create your own business attracts many. This is freedom of choice, big earnings, a flexible schedule, a lot of responsibility, and interesting work. One of the directions for the realization of this desire is the ownership of the truck dispatching business. This is a great development opportunity for those who love trucks, communication, and control. In this article, we will tell you how to build this business and succeed in it.

What is dispatching, and who are truck dispatchers?


On this site we found the definition of dispatch services — it is the planning and management of transport logistics. That is, truck dispatchers are responsible for cargo search, communication with the driver, route organization, and receipt of invoices.

Of course, the list of responsibilities can be expanded twice. For example, dispatchers often communicate with customers, negotiate with potential customers, fill out reports, create work schedules for drivers, and negotiate favorable terms with freight brokers. And also a lot of paperwork and communication with everyone.

In this business, you can do it all yourself, and hire contractors or assistants. Everything is in your hands.

What should be the ideal dispatcher?


We need to say this. Why? If you are going to do it alone, it is important to understand how suitable this business is for you. If you are going to hire dispatchers, then you should know what requirements employees must meet.

  • Time management 

In addition to managing your own time, you also need to combine drivers’ working hours and control cargo delivery time. Therefore, the dispatcher must always be organized.

  • Communication skills

80% of the dispatcher’s daily work is communication. With clients, drivers, and brokers. A specialist needs to be constantly in touch and be able to negotiate. You need to talk about favorable terms with clients and brokers. You need to build trusting and good relationships with drivers so that they treat the dispatcher with understanding. 

What do you need to start a business? 

  1. Register a business.
  2. Qualify as a truck dispatcher.
  3. Buy insurance, especially if you use your truck and drive it. 
  4. There are different shipping permits in each state. Check the requirements of your state and get the appropriate permits.

How much can you earn with dispatching services?


Of course, we cannot give exact figures. It depends on many factors: what kind of business plan you have, how quickly you will find regular customers, how well you work, and how much money you have invested in promotion.

But we can tell what they pay well for. These are hotshot trucking, dispatch of dangerous goods, medical equipment, and legal documents.

Often dispatchers receive a percentage of each completed order. That is, it is in your best interest to look for the most profitable orders. The average annual salary can be $70,000, under good conditions in the early years.

How to start a business? 

  1. Training

It never hurts to improve your qualifications and learn more about the industry. So we advise you to take training and immerse yourself in the profession even more. 

  1. Documents

Appropriate licenses, purchase of the necessary insurance, ordered invoices. All this is important to check before you get down to business. Get all the permissions at once so that you don’t have big problems later. 

  1. Dispatching software

This will greatly simplify and speed up your work. This will be the best solution for your business. Believe us, paying for a good app will pay off in the first month of operation. And you will never regret that you decided to invest in inconvenience. 

  1. Market research 

Find out about your competitors. Who are they? What do they offer? What are their strengths? What are the weaknesses? You can use this information to improve your work and commercial offers for customers. 

  1. Advertising 

Today, no business can survive without promotion. If you don’t invest in advertising, potential customers won’t know about you. Therefore, use email newsletters, targeted advertising, banners, etc.

Tips in dispatching services 

Professionals often share tips with those who are just starting their journey. For novice businessmen, it is important to hear the experience and advice of experienced entrepreneurs. This is how we learn from the mistakes of others. What can we advise you?

  • know where the truck, always;
  • communicate with drivers politely and friendly at any time — they can simplify your work or turn it into hell;
  • keep yourself in hand when things are bad. The situation will pass, and your nerves will remain;
  • follow all laws and regulations, otherwise, it will cost you dearly.

We have reviewed the main aspects of this business. And all we can wish for is patience and good luck. There will always be difficulties, but the most significant thing is that you will do what you love. And this is always very valuable and pleasant.

Author: Doug