How to Choose Best Android Car Stereos

If your car has an old, basic stereo installed, you may want to upgrade with an Android car stereo. Basic music systems generally only allow you to play MP3 music or access FM and AM stations. Android stereos allow you to watch movies, accept calls and text messages, access your social media accounts and navigation app, and more, making them a great upgrade for both daily commuting and the occasional road trip.

A large number of Android car stereo kits are available in the market. Prices are quite competitive. When choosing, it will depend on how you plan to use them based on their performance and additional features. 

Most Android car stereos have a touch screen and allow Bluetooth connectivity. But some models have complex improvements that others don’t, which increases their advantage over other brands. So how do you find the best one for your car? Here are some factors to consider before buying a new best android car stereo

Screen Size 

You should at least get an Android car stereo that is 6 to 7 inches wide. This will allow you to see the screen even when driving, so it won’t interrupt you or cause an accident by looking at it any longer.visit : Best Information Today

Steering wheel button holder 

Newer car models have buttons on the steering wheel, so the stereo you choose should support this feature.

Wireless Connectivity 

In addition to the USB connection, connecting to your stereo via Bluetooth pairing or WIFI connection could be beneficial and convenient, as it minimizes the number of cables on your dashboard.

Easy-to-use interface 

To minimize destruction, look for a unit with intuitive controls, a direct button, and easy-to-read fonts. This will ensure that you don’t spend a lot of time checking your screen, which could lead to accidents. You should also check your capacitive touch, which will allow multi-touch gestures to help you zoom in and out.


The color is not too important; you have the control to change the color of the screen to match your interior design might be a good option.


Of course, well-known brands are a bit more expensive, but it’s guaranteed with better features and sturdy materials. Your budget is the most important factor in buying a car stereo, and the range we’ve found in the top 10 isn’t too daunting. 

We’ve seen some extremely solid stereo receivers priced under $ 100, while many (with added features and bells and whistles) go above and beyond if that’s what you’re looking for. We found the best car stereo within various price points to give you a few options.

CD compatibility

The widespread and growing popularity of our smartphones, streaming services, and Bluetooth technology, compact discs (we don’t think we’re using that phrase with them) are becoming so unwanted that many manufacturers do not even build MP3 players. Some of the popular car stereos don’t even offer CD / DVD compatibility, so we make sure to indicate whether or not they did, in case you want to (we still use our CD players in emergencies if we have Bluetooth or cellular service problems, or if we want to throw it back and play that old mix that our ex-girlfriend made for us in 2007).

Make sure it fits

This means that you will have to determine what type of mounting kit you need. The smallest stereos you will see below are single DIN, while the larger models (which are twice the height) are double DIN. If you are installing your car stereo yourself, you will need to follow some crucial steps. If you are installing it professionally, they can help you more with this.

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Author: Doug