How To Choose The Best Car Accident Lawyers For Your Needs

Car accidents frequently lead to personal injury lawsuits, whether or not there are civil or criminal penalties. The severity of the injuries they cause, and the degree of property damage often make it worthwhile to hire an attorney. But how do you know which attorney is right for your case? Let’s learn how to choose the best car accident lawyer for your needs? 


In theory, the average personal injury attorney can handle a car accident case. However, the expertise involved in assigning responsibility in a multi-car crash is very different from assessing blame in a medical malpractice case. Someone who takes dog bite and slip and fall cases doesn’t have the knowledge necessary to determine whether a pothole in the corner or failure to maintain someone else’s car contributed to the accident. Then there are the differences between dealing with health insurance companies and walmart insurance claims. This is why you should look for a personal injury attorney who regularly handles car accidents.

This is especially true if you’re dealing with a multi-car wreck or trucking accident. In those cases, you need an attorney with experience and expertise in exactly those types of cases. Someone who handles dozens of lawsuits trying to recoup the damages from drunk drivers and failed mechanical work isn’t qualified to deal with the more complex cases. 


A car accident lawyer must have experience. How does this differ from expertise? Someone who studied these types of cases in law school doesn’t have a track record of winning such cases. Someone with expertise and experience is more likely to win your case, and they should have that track record to prove it. You don’t have to hire someone with a thirty year track record, but you can’t afford for a kid straight out of school to take your case to see if they can win. 


You are hiring an attorney, not a friend. You shouldn’t hire someone because they’re nice or reject their assistance because they seem too gruff. That said, you don’t want to hire an attorney you don’t trust. If you’re not comfortable enough to admit you’d had alcohol at the party or couldn’t see the other car’s headlights due to deteriorating vision, you’re liable to lose your case. After all, your attorney doesn’t have all of the information necessary to come up with a good defense if you’re being sued. Or they don’t have all the information necessary to determine liability and get you what you’re owed. Find an attorney that you’re comfortable discussing your case with. 


Do your research regarding each and every potential car accident attorney. Have any significant complaints been filed about them, whether with the bar association or in online forums? How quickly do they respond to client questions? Are they ever slow or late responding to legal filings? You can’t afford to hire an attorney who is slow to settle your case while your medical bills are piling up or you wait for the money to fix your car.

Author: Brandon Park