How to Cut Your Monthly Car Costs in Half

Owning and maintaining a vehicle is undoubtedly a significant expense. The fuel, repairs, registration, and insurance can cost thousands of dollars every year. However, while it might seem like the costs are never-ending, there is a way to reduce them.

Below, we are going to talk about some different tips to help you cut your monthly car costs in half. Interested in learning more? Then let’s get started!

Practice preventative maintenance 

Preventative maintenance reduces the risk of expensive car repairs. It focuses on taking care of your vehicle each day and enforces correct driving methods. Some examples of preventative maintenance that you should remember include:

– Changing your oil and other fluids regularly

– Checking your filters

– Tuning your car

– Rotating your tires

– Keeping your vehicle clean and tidy

Refinance your loan

If you have taken out a car loan on your vehicle, it might be worth reviewing it to see if you can get a better deal. Refinancing may reduce the cost of your weekly/monthly repayments so you can put more money in the bank. Do some research, and look for lenders with cheaper fees and lower rates. Some may even offer more flexibility with payment times which can be great for those that don’t earn a regular income.

Use public transport where possible

Public transport is one of the best ways to reduce your car costs and also helps improve your carbon footprint. Taking the bus, train or subway will still get you to your destination, and you won’t be inflicting wear and tear on your vehicle. You may find that you don’t need your car at all and can consider selling it to a company like It’s the only way you’ll cut costs altogether! 

Don’t like sharing a crowded space with others? Carpooling is another suggestion that may be a better idea. By splitting expenses with friends and co-workers, you can all save some extra cash.

Wash your vehicle yourself

Taking care of your car and keeping it clean is essential. However, paying to get it done can be expensive. Skip the car wash and get your hands dirty. It’s not that difficult, and you can get the entire family involved. Take a look at these car wash tips to get started.

Review your insurance

Insurance is important, but just like with lenders, different companies offer different prices. Shop around and look at what comprehensive policies are available. You still want to make sure you are getting enough coverage, but in some cases, you’ll save hundreds and get the exact same protection.

Save costs on fuel

Fuel is without a doubt one of the highest vehicle costs, and the price of it keeps rising. However, there are a few tips you can use to minimize the expense. Rewards programs might be available, and there are even apps you can download on your phone that keep you updated with the lowest fuel prices in your area.

Author: Brandon Park