How to Get Your Car Ready to Sell

So, you’re ready to sell your car for whatever reason. Although the act of selling something can seem relatively straightforward, selling an automobile is far more complex than going online and pitching a household item. Some people have had their car for so long, it has a sentimental value to them.

You have to make sure that you understand the car market, how much your own car can actually fetch given its current state (which you will need to inspect and fix prior to listing it), and how you wish to sell your car. To make this process easier on you, let’s quickly walk through some of the actions you will need to take prior to making your sale a reality. 

Selling a Car 

With a well-maintained car, all of the paperwork needed to conduct the transaction and prove that your car has been taken care over the course of its ownership (and prior to sale), and a price tag that used car owners have to take advantage of, you are sure to make selling your vehicle a breeze. But what does this process look like, and how can you ensure your success? 

How to Get Your Car Ready to Sell It

The good news is that, with the right preparation, selling your car is quite easy. Here are some of the steps you will need to go through when you get your car ready to sell it. 

Crunch the Numbers 

Knowing exactly how much to sell your car for is vital to making sure that it is purchased. If you set the price tag too low, you lose out on the profit you could have made by setting it at a reasonable price. If you set it too high, you run the risk of driving away any buyers who would consider purchasing your vehicle. Make sure to do your research, crunch the numbers (considering how much it will take to fix it up), and set a reasonable price for your car. 

As we talked about earlier, if your car has sentimental value to you, make sure you don’t factor that in. Buying or selling something 

Privately or Through Dealer? 

If you are confident that you can sell the car on your own, this is most certainly an option. If, however, you would prefer to hand off the car to a dealer for a small fee, this makes it easier to sell the car without having to put in all of the work. Take these points into consideration before you start advertising your vehicle for sale. 

Selling your car privately will be a bit more leg work but it will definitely be more rewarding. Not only will you be apart of the whole process but the extra leg work gives you the extra room to make more money.

Clean and Detail the Car 

No one wants to buy a used car that looks like a piece of junk. Before you take any photos of your car or present it to potential buyers, make sure that it has been cleared of any trash or items, thoroughly cleaned inside and outside, and detailed in these areas as well. The more presentable your car is, the more likely people are to seriously consider your listing. 

You can even add final touches to the car. For example, floor mats can be super important. Someone getting into your car pretty much sees the mats first. This will not only make sure you have a clean floorboard even if its floor mats for your truck.

Do Final Repairs 

If there’s anything that needs to be fixed on your car, now is the time to fix it. There can be some repairs you can do yourself. However, make sure that you take note of these repairs before you sell your car. If there are any repairs that may need to be made in the future or any issues that affect the vehicle’s performance, this can impact the value and the buyer’s decision to choose your car over other offers in the area. 

Keep All Paperwork 

From inspections to repairs, it is important that you hold onto all of your paperwork. This provides buyers with the information they need to make an educated decision about purchasing your car. This also protects you from any legal issues that could arise if they have a problem with the vehicle. 


While the list above isn’t a comprehensive list of all of the steps you must take to prepare for selling your car, this is certainly some of the main points to pay attention to as you work towards listing the vehicle. If you are interested in selling your own car, use the guide above to get started!


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How to Get Your Car Ready to Sell