How to Improve Your Car’s Sound Output

If you regularly make long journeys in your car, you will understand how important the sound of your car’s audio system is. Speakers are easy to manufacture cheaply and as such car manufactures often pay little attention to them. Even so-called “premium” in-built car audio systems tend to use cheaper materials in comparison with other sound equipment. You may find then that over time the sound becomes distorted and lacking in clarity. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to improve the quality of the sound in your car. Here are a few quick ways you can boost the quality of your car’s audio. 

Add an Amplifier

If you want to quickly improve the output and quality of your car’s sound without splashing out on a brand-new speaker system, getting a car amplifier might be the way to go. One of the most important things an audio system needs is power. Any separate car amplifier will provide more power to your sound system than any in-built one, giving you a much cleaner sounding output. Most are fairly easy to install without help, as well. Adding more power to your speaker system will also increase the threshold of volume your speakers can handle without distorting the audio. And what’s more, the range of  car amps for sale also mean you can probably afford one regardless of your budget. 

Replace Your Speakers

To truly get the best sound possible in your car, the best option is to wholly replace your speakers. Aftermarket speakers are almost guaranteed to be better quality than your original ones, boosting both the bass and overall clarity of your audio output. When upgrading your speaker system, you will find there are two main options – full-range drivers and component systems. Full-range speakers capture all sound frequencies in one speaker. These are by far the most common ones used in cars as standard. As such, these are probably the simplest to replace since in most cases you can install them yourself, if you match your new speakers to the size and fit of your old ones. Component systems however, use a multitude of different speakers which separately capture different sound frequencies. These are generally agreed to be the best option for optimum sound quality, but it is likely you will need to employ an engineer to install them. 

Use the Highest Quality Music Files 

An easy thing you can do to boost the quality of your car’s audio is by ensuring your music is in the optimum format. It is likely that if you hold a lot of music on your phone or MP3 player, your files will be in a compressed format to maximise the amount of audio files stored on there. As a general rule though, the more compressed a file is the lower quality it will be. Therefore, to fully optimise the sound quality in your car, you should spend a brief amount of time converting your files into the best audio format. WAV files are generally the most common for uncompressed audio. Nowadays, there are multiple free file converters available online. 

Author: Brandon Park