How to Install a Headrest DVD Player in Your Car


These days, families spend more time in their cars than ever before. That means bored and restless kids. Sometimes they just need something to hold their attention while traveling.

One great solution for keeping your passengers occupied is a headrest DVD player. That way everyone can enjoy their favorite movies or TV shows, thus making the drive time go much faster. Fortunately, installing DVD players for car headrests is easier than you might imagine.

In this article, we take a look at car DVD installation and show you everything you need to know. Keep reading to learn all the facts.

The Headrest

To install a DVD player in your car, you’ll first need to remove the headrest. This is because the power wires and connection have to be threaded through the holes where the headrest is mounted on the seat.

Next, remove the cover from the bottom of the seat enough so that you can fish out the wires you’ve strung through the holes at the top.

Hiding the Power Wires

Typically, the wires will connect to the main unit located under the dash. But you can also feed them to a separate power unit if you prefer. .

To hide the wires from view, we suggest running them under the carpet. Otherwise, it will look tacky. Plus, it’s pretty likely that exposed wires will eventually get snagged by someone’s foot and pulled out.

Using a DVD headrest is also great for enjoying IPTV service.

Hooking Up the Sound

Now you’ll need to connect your DVD player to the stereo in your vehicle. Not all DVD players require this, but it will definitely provide the highest quality sound. 

Keep in mind that when connecting the wires to existing stereo wires, you’ll need to strip the ends to splice them together. Be careful about doing this. We also recommend soldering the splices if possible.

Installing the DVD Player

This is actually the most simple step in the process. Once the wiring is complete, you’ll need to slide your new headrest into place. Be cautious of the wires as you mount the headrest posts. If the wires get kinked, this can prevent proper power supply and impact the sound quality.

So take it slowly. And once the headrest is securely seated, go ahead and attach the power cord.

Tidy Up Your Mess

The final step is to check for any exposed wires. Use electrical tape to bind them together and hide tuck them out of sight. Make certain that everything is secure so that nothing shakes loose and impact performance.

Installing a Headrest DVD Player

Installing a headrest DVD player isn’t rocket science. All it takes is a little patience. There are plenty of great headrest dvd players on the market to fit any budget. There are even clip-on models available if you’d prefer to keep your original headrest. 

DVD players are an easy and convenient way to keep everyone happily occupied during long hours on the road. So pick your favorite action movie or animated classic and get ready to enjoy the ride!



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How to Install a Headrest DVD Player in Your Car