How to Keep Your Car Clean

The human race has come far since the invention of the wheel over 5,000 years ago. The wheel has been touted as the most important invention in human history. With the onset of the industrial revolution about 100 years ago, the wheel took center stage yet again, and in that period, the automobile came to be.

And cars have come a long way since the era of Carl Benz. From a humble one cylinder, two-stroke engine to the engineering marvels witnessed today. Now there are an estimated one billion cars on the roads worldwide. The fact is cars have become an integral part of everyday routines, but how much attention are you paying to your car’s hygiene?

Well, here are a few tips that are sure to keep your car squeaky clean.

Make Vacuuming a Habit

Cars endure a lot. From bits of snacks that get jammed underneath seats to hairs that somehow find their way to the A/C. Try as you might, reaching some of these areas in your car could prove a challenge.

Consider a cordless vacuum for those hard to reach crevices in your car. These compact little suckers pack a punch with their high suction power meaning no dirt goes uncollected. Weighing in at a few pounds, cordless vacuums are lightweight meaning they’re portable. Get one today, charge it up and say goodbye to those pesky bits of dirt that always seem too hard to reach.

Get a Tiny Trash Can

After indulging in your delectable, there are always wrappers you have to contend with. And face it, you’ve had the temptation to toss them on the dashboard or worse still, under the seats. After a while, your car starts to look (and possibly smell) more like a dumpster than a car.

So, for all your car trash needs, get a trash can to contain the junk. Now you could go and buy one but if you want to save some cash, get a used cardboard box, line it with a plastic bag and you have your make-shift trash can. Once you get to your destination, fold up the bag and toss it. Your car will be a much cleaner place.

Organize Your Loose Change

After coming from the minimart or the supermarket, you’re almost guaranteed that you’ll have some coins in hand. The most common destination for loose change is that little gap in between the two front seats or perhaps the cup holders. In time, you find that your coins are scattered all over and that doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture.

There are plenty of ways you can store your loose change in your car. For instance, get a plastic cup, put a lid on it and toss your coins in there. Or perhaps have a dedicated coin purse where your coins can fit neatly. Every once in a while, count them up, and you’ll find that you have a somewhat decent amount (well, at least for a cup of coffee).

Keep A Pack of Wet Wipes

There are many thrills and spills to be had while in the car. Maybe the road trip got a bit too wild, and drinks were poured. Or maybe your morning cup of Joe slipped and now your dashboard is caffeinated.

Having some wet wipes could come in handy when trying to clean up those inconvenient spills. When it comes to spills, always clean up ASAP to avoid contending with dried up stains that are always harder to get rid of.

Get Something to Line Your Cup Holder

A sticky cup holder makes for a sticky situation. It can get very frustrating having a mini wrestling match with your cup holder whenever you want to take a sip of something. Mitigate the problem by getting a few liners for your cup holders.

It doesn’t have to be something over the tip either. Get some cupcake wrappers and stuff them in your holder and voila. Once a spill happens, take out the wrappers and replace them with fresh ones.

Keep Things Smelling Fresh

After a while, your car can start smelling funky. A stuffy environment often makes the best home for a few molds to thrive, and they often give off a stale smell. There’s the conventional dangling air freshener that’s made its home in many cars. But you could also use some spray to beat that musty car smell.

Dust It Down 

Dust is everywhere. It’s inescapable, and it doesn’t take orders from anyone. After a while, you’ll find that your dashboard has accumulated a few specks of dust. Have a cloth in your glove compartment to wipe down your car’s interior every so often.

For better results, make the cloth a bit damp then use it to wipe away the dust. Dry dusting could end up creating static charges that attract more dust.

Add an Additional Layer of Protection to Your Floors

You’ve planned a family getaway for the weekend. You’ll go for a trek through some woods and have a good old fashioned picnic. The only problem is it rained the day before, and the ground’s slightly soggy. At the end of the day you all make your way back to the car with mud-filled shoes, and you know it’s not going to bode well with your car floor.

On those rainy days or when conditions seem too treacherous, place a few newspapers on your car floor to keep dirt-filled shoes from making a mess. Alternatively, put some old magazines over your car mats to add a buffer against dirt or debris from dirty shoes.

Having a clean car isn’t solely about taking your car to the wash now and then. It’s about paying attention to those little areas that are often overlooked. Given the excellent service that your car offers you, the least you could do is make sure it remains clean. So give a try to a few of these tips, and you’re guaranteed that your car’s state of hygiene will undoubtedly improve.

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How to Keep Your Car Clean