How to Keep Your White Car Always White

How to Keep Your White Car Always White

It’s not hard to see why the automotive industry employs almost four million people in the United States. We rely on these professionals to provide us with the new and used vehicles that we need every day.

If you’ve recently purchased a car, then odds are that you want to do everything you can to keep it looking great. Unfortunately, some cars (like white cars) are harder to keep clean than others.

If you want to know how to keep a white car clean, then you’re in the right place. Since these are some of the most common cars in the world, we decided to make this maintenance guide.

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In it, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips for keeping your white car looking great. Let’s get started!

How Often You Should Clean It?

The first question you probably want to know is, How often should you wash a white car? The frequency depends on a lot of factors.

For example, Where do you live? If you live in a fairly clean city, then you won’t need clean in as much as someone in the country that uses dirt roads often.

The amount of time that you drive it per day is another factor, as well as the seasonal weather. However, as a general guideline, we typically recommend a simple exterior car wash every two weeks.

In addition to this, an interior clean-out every two to three months. And, finally, a wax job every six months or so.

Remember that these are just guidelines. If you notice your white car getting dirty before two weeks is up, then clean it more often.

Make Sure You Clean It Using Proper Products

Often you will see people cleaning their cars with dish detergent and a bucket. If you want to keep your white car white, then don’t do this.

The reality is that all household cleaners — whether they’re dish soap or glass cleaners — aren’t meant for car paint. That means that they have the potential to strip away both the paint job and the wax from your car.

You can prevent this by using car-care products that are specifically made for the role. These products tend to be milder and better for car paint. You should also use the softest material you can to rub the car down.

The best material is something like cotton or microfiber. This will prevent any scratches from occurring while you clean the car.

Wax Your Car After You Clean It

Many people think that car wax is just used to make a car’s color shine. And, while it does do this, it also performs an important maintenance function.

When you wax your car properly you prevent dirt and grime from building up on your car. And, as any white car owner knows, this is imperative for keeping your car white.

Just make sure that you’re using high-quality wax for the job. Apply a thin layer as evenly as you can. Give it at least half an hour to dry. Then, you can use a soft cloth to wipe down the care.

Make sure that you get any excess wax left on the vehicle. If you do this simple procedure once every six months, then it’s the easiest way to keep a white car clean.

Hire Detailing Services If You Can’t Clean

Sadly, not a lot of people have the time or energy to regularly clean their white cars as often as they should. What should you do if you fall into this category?

If you can’t regularly afford car detailing, then you can try going to a car wash now and then. However, we still recommend that you splurge on professional detailing services every few months.

You just won’t get the same level of care and attention for your vehicle as you would going to a car wash.

Address Any Dents or Scratches

Rust stains are the enemy of all white cars. These unsightly features are hard to remove and especially noticeable on white cars. The only way to stop them from happening is to prevent rust.

Rust occurs when the metal on a car is exposed to both water and oxygen. Typically, your car’s paint job will protect against this. But, if you have a dent or a scratch on your white car, then it’s only a matter of time before rust forms.

As such, you should deal with dents and scratches the second that you see them. The good news is that it’s an affordable fix at most auto repair shops. Typically, much more affordable than dealing with rust stains.

Keep Your Car Covered

There are a variety of things that damage your car when you don’t use it. Sunlight will slowly fade the color on it. Bird poop and certain debris will eat away at your paint job.

The easiest way to prevent this slow degradation is to put your car in a garage when you aren’t using it. If you don’t have access to a garage unit, then you can cover your car with a sheet when not in use.

Enjoy Learning How to Keep a White Car Clean? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you learn how to keep a white car clean. As you can see, white car maintenance is similar to regular car maintenance. The only difference is that you need to be a bit more diligent about it.

The color white is much more likely to show dirt and grime on your vehicle. So, when you begin to notice it, then it’s time for a clean.

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