Why Cost of Cars will Probably Increase in 2022

Why Cost of Cars will Probably Increase in 2022

Since the onset of this pandemic, a rapid rise in car prices has been happening. People have been trying to ponder the critical plot point of the situation ever since. Although one of the critical points on the auto industry’s future is Canada’s best detailing and car wash software, but we’ll get to that later.

Before the pandemic, the average price of a used vehicle in Canada since August 2019 was $25,841. The average used car price jumped to $29,376 in August 2021, a whopping increase of 14 percent in one year.

Despite everything done so far, the prices aren’t going down, but rather are increasing. By now, the automobile industry should have entered a cooling phase, but it isn’t even close to it. 

Many factors are involved in the dramatic increase of cars and why it’s still going up. We’ll be looking at every factor that affects our cause directly and indirectly and see what it has in store for us for the upcoming year of 2022. So without any further adieu, let’s get on with it!

Vehicle Shortage

The massive drop in car manufacturing numbers might be the main cause of our problem here. During the COVID-19 outbreak, all of the manufacturing plants in the virus-affected areas worked with limited resources. These resources were significant for manufacturing purposes.

Since the resources are not available, the labor input is insufficient to reach the desired number of manufactured cars. And it all hinges on government-imposed restrictions about the standard operating procedure (SOPs) of every plant. 

A virus-infected area will have stricter SOPs, and working in such an environment can be very stressful and difficult. Thus, the car manufacturing numbers go down.

Car Re-Selling Is Gaining More And More Value

According to a whopping stat, 84% of native Canadians own a car, and 9% want to buy one. Most people would prefer buying cars in a brand new condition straight from the car company. But since the prices do not match the numbers in your bank account, most people started looking for an alternative.

Waiting for the car prices to go down was not an option. What to do in such a situation? The answer is simple. Buy a resale vehicle. Although the prices for a resale car are also going up day after day, this does not mean that these prices are equal to the price of a resale car. 

Planning to sell a car with a good resale price? Click here to find out some tips on how you can maintain a good resale price for your vehicle. Or book your workshop appointment with the best carwash software to give your car a new look. It will surely help increase the resale value.

Increasing Reliability Of Old Cars

Canada’s used car dealers sold almost 11.6 billion Canadian dollars in retail in 2020. In 2012, sales of used cars amounted to six billion Canadian dollars. It has almost doubled since the year 2012.

The reliability of a properly maintained resale car is unmatched by anything else. Is your car properly maintained? Check it out now by visiting your nearest workshop by booking an appointment with Canada’s best car detailing software.

Since the old cars are gaining more popularity, people are trying to maintain them even more than usual. After going through basic repair checkups and services, any car will become more rough and tough, thus having more reliability.

Absence Of Semiconductor Chips From Market

There will be a temporary shortage of workers until 2023, and the industry is holding its breath that things won’t backslide. It may prove to be endemic. The hope is they will be more manageable as chipmakers increase capacity and automakers find ways to make cars with fewer chips.

Many factors are involved in semiconductor chip shortages. One of the main factors is the China-US trade war. China has refused to give any more trade, so the US shifted to Taiwan, but they were already producing their semiconductor chips on their max capacity.

Except for that, the semiconductor plant owned by Samsung in Austin, Texas, was shut down due to extreme weather conditions. The semiconductor plant in Japan that exported 30% of chips worldwide also caught on fire and was shut down for repairs.

Prices Might Drop By Second Half Of 2022

As a result of the pandemic, many questions have arisen regarding operating a vehicle manufacturing plant without raising the risk of spreading the virus and compromising worker safety. 

It took time to crack the code, but now we know how to work under the pressure of a pandemic. But, even with our best efforts, the incline of vehicle manufacturing numbers is still going up at a slow rate. 

All in all, it is a start. If things continue like this at such a rate, we are sure that the market will be heading to a cooldown phase in the second half of the year. The prices might start going down as compared to the current prices. 

Best Car Detailing And Car Wash Software Changing The Course Of The Game

Although the car value will go down by the end of the year, the maintenance charges of automobiles are still going up. One of the reasons is the labor shortage in auto repair workshops. Since the pandemic, the auto repair shops have not been able to get the desired revenue.

Since the repair prices are going up, this seems like a big hassle. Just the thought of all this hassle makes people double-minded about getting standard repairs. This factor can be catastrophic for vehicle health. It can cause long-term irreversible damage to cars. 

Thanks to Canada’s best car detailing and car wash software, getting repairs done is no longer a nuisance. As everything related to the repair services can be completed with a few clicks and taps, getting regular checkups is just becoming routine. This mechanism makes the procedure streamlined and effortless.

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