How To Make An Old Car Safer Using Modern Technology

The used car market in the US is heating up, with consumers snapping up used cars so they can avoid having to use public transport. But if you’ve recently bought a used car, you’ve probably noticed that it’s missing some of the revolutionary safety technologies that you’d find in brand new cars, especially if it’s more than a decade old. Technology advances quickly in the auto industry due to the high level of competition between both traditional and upcoming automakers, which means that your new purchase probably lacks many of the potentially life-saving safety technologies that have been developed recently. Thankfully, you can buy some of these safety technologies online or in your favorite auto shop and install them in your old car to make it safer. 

Heads-up display 

A distracted driver is a dangerous driver. There are various distractions in your car that can make you take your eyes off the road, even if it’s just for a second: checking directions on a dash-mounted navigation system, or pressing buttons on the dashboard, the speedometer, or even your phone. You can eliminate these distractions by installing a head-up display (HUD) system in your car. A HUD is a transparent display that projects key vehicle data into your line of sight so that you never have to take your eyes off the road when driving. Some of the things that can be displayed on the HUD include navigation instructions, your speed, warning indicators, and upcoming hazards or points of interest. Some HUDs will even allow you to mirror your smartphone so that you never have to look away from the road when answering a call or checking notifications. 

Dashcam and rearview cameras 

Cameras are a common sight to see in modern cars. In fact, some cars, like the Tesla Model Y, come with as many as eight cameras, each with its own safety-related function. To bring your old car closer to current standards, you can start by installing rearview cameras. These allow you to see out the back more easily, which makes switching lanes and backing into tight parking spots safer. A dashcam can also be a valuable safety addition. By reviewing dashcam footage, you can pinpoint any errors you make while driving and make corrections to improve future driving experiences. Other than preventing accidents, cameras can come in handy after a crash. According to Lopez Law, drivers can increase their chances of receiving maximum compensation in a shorter period when they can show what transpired in an accident. Footage from your rearview cameras and the dashcam is enough to prove your case after an accident. 

Driver assistance technologies 

Most new cars coming off production lines today have advanced driver assistance systems that feed drivers with tons of information that helps them avoid accidents. These systems use sensors and cameras mounted in the front, side, and back of the car to collect different types of information that drivers need when on the road. For example, forward collision warning alerts you when you are getting too close to a vehicle or object ahead of you, allowing you to slow down in time. Lane-keeping assist alerts you when you are leaving your lane and putting yourself and other drivers at risk. 

Safety has to be a top priority whether your car is new or old. Even if your car was manufactured decades ago, you can still enjoy some of the new safety features that the latest and greatest cars have.

Author: Brandon Park