How to Make Your Car Sound Amazing

Car enthusiasts are inexplicably drawn to the sound of a deep, roaring exhaust. Although a loud exhaust doesn’t signify a high-quality vehicle, the aggressive growl of a car’s exhaust does make it sound more powerful. Although a deep sound shouldn’t be your number one priority when looking for a new car, there is something thrilling about that resonating rumble of the exhaust when you put your foot down on the accelerator. Here are a few top tips to help you make your car sound amazing.

  1. Increase Air Flow

An aftermarket exhaust kit makes your engine more efficient and helps increase the flow of air in an exhaust, which helps make it make more sound. These systems are mandrel-bent, which means that the inside diameter of the pipe is constant. The mandrel bend design increases airflow and enables the engine to breathe better. Improved airflow means there is an increase in horsepower. When choosing this method to enhance the sound of your exhaust, you need to use an aftermarket exhaust kit in place of your stock exhaust system. When it comes to exhaust systems, you can choose an axle-back or a cat-back system. Axle-back systems are generally cheaper than cat-back and are typically designed to improve sound only. Cat-back systems can improve torque, fuel economy, and horsepower and will also help your car make that powerful deep noise.

  1. Custom Performance Mufflers

Aftermarket exhaust kits can be expensive. A budget-friendly way to improve the sound of your exhaust is with custom mufflers. Mufflers are included in aftermarket exhaust kits, as well as other components. A stock muffler is made up of plates and chambers that dampen the sound of the exhaust. On the other hand, a custom muffler is more hollow than a stock muffler, and the hollow design allows sound to pass through more freely, which helps deepen the rumble of your exhaust.

  1. Attach Exhaust Tip

Another component that comes with an aftermarket exhaust kit is an exhaust tip. Exhaust tips use vibrations to produce a louder sound in the exhaust. Attaching a resonator exhaust tip with a flared end to your exhaust can amplify the sound. Exhaust tips with dual walls can also help you produce deeper roars. Although it might be tempting to go big with the tip, keep in mind that an overly large pipe diameter can reduce your car’s performance and could have a negative impact on the engine due to excessive back pressure.

  1. Use a Turbocharger

Turbochargers, also known as turbos, were originally designed for aircraft use. Using a turbocharger to create an attractive deep sound can be costly, but this piece of kit can actually make a positive difference to your car’s performance. Rather than just helping your exhaust produce more noise, a turbocharger directly enhances the engine of a vehicle. In turn, it can also help make your engine sound louder and more powerful. With a better engine and more horsepower, the sounds emanating from a turbocharged car can be incredibly enticing.

Author: Brandon Park