How To Own Your Dream Car

Cars have always been a symbol of prestige in the US. Names like Mercedes Benz and BMW already carry with them history and weight. New names like Tesla show off the sleek nature of luxury electric cars. CNBC noted that Americans bought more than 17 million vehicles in 2019. Having your dream car doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. With a little creative financial planning and a little knowhow in the car acquisition business, owning your dream car may be closer than you think. This article will help you understand how you could own your dream car with just a little extra effort.

Lowering the Purchase Price

No, we don’t mean heading to shifty guys selling boosted cars. That kind of purchase is more likely to get you in trouble than anything else. If you already own a vehicle, you can look at the trade-in value of a car. The Nest reports that people tend to hold on to their cars for an average of eleven years before trading them in. If your vehicle isn’t nearly that old, you have a pretty good case for a trade-in. If you don’t own a car, your next bet would be to check out a used car lot. Luxury cars like Porsche, BMW, and Jaguar tend to have owners that value their vehicles. Even though these cars might be eight or nine years old, they look like they rolled off the assembly line last week. Buying used doesn’t mean buying something that looks old.

Dealer or Individual Seller?

Buying a used car from a person has the benefit of being in one-on-one contact with the person. People tend to be easier to negotiate with and might even be flexible on the price they can offer you. However, the sale of a luxury vehicle in some states isn’t covered by the same legal terms that a dealership purchase would introduce. Dealerships offer guarantees as well as warranties for particular items. You won’t get that from an individual seller, although you may end up coming out better in the price department. Like in most situations, it’s a give-and-take.


Financing is another benefit to buying from a dealer since it may be easier to get a title loan in California. Some dealers even offer loans directly to purchasers. These tend to have some of the most competitive interest rates and may come with a warranty on the vehicle covering it for the loan’s duration. Loan applications can be pre-authorized, giving buyers a sense of confidence when shopping for a car. Dealers in the luxury car market are a little bit different from your regular used car salesman. There aren’t as many buyers as for utility vehicles, so they may be more open to negotiation for the terms of your loan than if you were going for an everyday car. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Luxury Cars Aren’t So Hard to Get

A lot of people see a luxury car as an unnecessary expense. However, those people don’t understand the joy you get from driving a luxury car. There are many costs associated with maintaining one of these vehicles, from maintenance to gas, but it’s all worth it. Sitting behind the wheel of a car like that makes it feel as though you could do anything.

Author: Full Editorial