How to Plan Economically Efficient EV Journeys

Planning a Trip with an EV Car

In recent times, the automobile world has been abuzz with the dynamic rise of electric vehicles (EVs). Representing a cleaner and sustainable choice, EVs have become increasingly synonymous with responsible travel. Yet, for many potential buyers, a pertinent question looms: “What’s the real cost of charging during an EV road trip?”

A Diverse Charging Landscape

While the world has witnessed a commendable expansion of EV charging infrastructure, the consistency of this growth differs from one region to another. Take a typical multi-state road trip, for instance. An EV traveler would encounter a varying array of charging options: from basic Level 1 chargers to intermediate Level 2 chargers, and up to the rapid DC fast chargers, often referred to as Level 3.

The inconsistency doesn’t stop there. Electricity prices fluctuate, changing from one utility provider to the next and even altering costs during different times of the day. Such variables can significantly sway the total charging expenditure for an EV road traveler.

Charging Cost Dynamics

On the whole, recharging an EV on a journey can set a traveler back anywhere between $10 to $30. This cost is influenced by factors like the charger’s type, prevailing electricity rates, and the vehicle’s battery capacity.

Furthermore, charging networks introduce their own pricing mechanisms. Whether it’s a fixed rate per session, a charge based on the duration, or a rate determined by the amount of electricity consumed, this multilayered pricing structure makes it challenging to pin down the exact cost for a road trip.

Empowering EV Travelers with Tech

In the face of such complexity, technology has emerged as an ally for EV drivers. Tools and applications, such as A Better Route Planner and PlugShare, have been developed to offer insights into potential charging costs. Not just that, these apps deliver real-time data about charger availability, aiding travelers in meticulous stop planning.

Strategies to Economize Charging

Intelligent planning can significantly mitigate charging expenses:

  • Mapping the Best Route: Leveraging routes that feature cost-effective or free charging can lead to hefty savings.
  • Charging at Opportune Times: Making use of cheaper electricity rates during off-peak times can reduce costs.
  • Harnessing Hotel Facilities: A growing number of hotels offer complimentary charging, providing a dual benefit of convenience and cost-saving.
  • Availing Membership Benefits: Many charging networks offer plans that come with discounted rates, presenting another avenue for savings.

As the infrastructure supporting electric vehicles continues its march forward, EV road trips are bound to become an even more appealing and economical choice. With the right knowledge and planning, the journey can be as electrifying as the destination.

Author: Michael Peres