How To Ramp Up Your Customer Base At Your Towing Company

Running a towing company can be quite lucrative, depending on where you are located. Large cities have a number of areas that have restricted parking leading to hundreds of car being towed daily. Finding properties that automatically call your towing company can keep revenue coming in. Do not underestimate how important towing can be for local business parks and offices. Employees at businesses do not want to park far away when they have an assigned spot. There are quite a few entitled people that park where they please without the regard for the spot being taken. Below are tips to help ramp up your customer number at your towing company. 

Partnerships With Local Businesses 

Towing signs are common in parking lots of businesses that could be close to a popular destination in a city or town. Offering to put signs up can be a way to entice those that own businesses to use your services. You will likely have consistent tows from a property as restaurants frequently have these up. There are some managers or owners of businesses that are militant when it comes to people parking that are not customers of their business. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is so important in today’s world where people instantly flock to a search engine to find any kind of service provider. The days of the phonebook being able to generate massive amounts of business are gone. Try to model your online presence after a large towing company in the area as this can be crucial. Take the time to figure out what works by tracking ROI on each digital marketing tactic that is leveraged. 

The Number Of Trucks Matters 

Your number of trucks at your towing company is going to matter. You might have drivers that have their own trucks but do not have a tow yard or do not want to deal with the management that comes with running a business. You should invest in trucks so an entire city can be covered and a tow can be done quickly. You do not want your business to lose out on money due to not having enough trucks. Illegal parking happens quickly which needs to be kept in mind. Equipment is also very important whether you need a fifth wheel hitch or a new towing cable. 

Local Events Can Be Hotbeds For Towing

Local events can be hotbeds for towing to the points of towing for a majority of the day. Taking the time to connect with various venues in the local area can be so important. Outreach to these venues can be done by going to the venue, calling, or emailing. You should have a template to pitch your towing services along with how this can help an event go smoothly. The last thing any venue wants is a car parked in a fire zone to impede emergency services. Touching on pain points for the venue in terms of parking can be so important.  

Outreach along with a healthy online presence can allow a towing company to grow consistently. Do not underestimate the partnerships you make with the local community and business owners. 

Author: Brandon Park