How to Use Valet Parking

Happy Male Valet Opening Car Door Near Valet Parking Sign

As much as we want to be in control of the car at all times, there are times in which we will have to utilize valet parking depending on where you go. It is important to be aware of various aspects that are involved when it comes to valet parking. We are going to go over some of those aspects and protocols in this piece.

In terms of using valet parking, there are several tips and tactics you may want to employ.

Clean Up

If one is aware that they are going to a place which offers valet parking, one should make sure that they spent some time cleaning up their car beforehand. One would certainly want to avoid a situation in which a car has a messy floor or rug either due to spilled coffee or fast food left in the carpet. One would be wise to give the car a nice wash beforehand.

Keep Cash on Hand

When going to a place with valet parking, you want to make sure that you have cash on hand. Depending on whether valet parking is paid or complimentary, a person that does not have cash may either simply have to just go and park the car themselves or end up simply snubbing the valet out of a deserved tip.

Keep Valuables Tucked Away

One would be wise to be sure that any valuables that are in the car are safely tucked away before giving up the car to a valet. A wise idea would be to put all valuable items out of view. A great and secure place to consider putting valuable items is in the trunk of your car. Other places to consider storing valuables are in the glove compartment or under your seat. One should always take these necessary steps in a situation such as this. It cannot be assumed that all valets are decent and trustworthy. One never can tell when you run into a valet who lacks integrity.

In addition, be sure to take out your cell phone, wallet and other essential things that you may need for the evening.

Tell Your Valet Any Quirks

Furthermore, one must be sure to tell your valet about any quirks or issues with your car. If there’s issues with your car door or if the brakes are not functioning optimally, be sure to make sure that the valet is aware. This will ensure that he or she drives the car as safely as possible.

How to Pick Up Car

Of course, there are some essential things for you to remember when it comes to picking up your car after the event.

If one is staying at a hotel, it may be possible that the car may be parked pretty far from the establishment. Thus, it may be wise to call valet service ahead of time so that you are not waiting around for a long-time in the lobby area for your car. Ideally, you want to be able you have your car waiting for you when you are ready to leave the event.

In case you lose your claim ticket, there are some important things that you need to be aware of. An individual that loses their claim ticket while staying overnight in a hotel will resolve the issue by simply telling the valet their room number. Otherwise, you will have to provide your photo ID for identification. Additionally, you will have to provide the make and model of the car and license plate number.

Before leaving, it’s important that you check your car for any potential damage to the vehicle or for any items that may be missing from the car. It is easier to prove that there was wrongdoing if you notice it sooner rather than later.

Finally, it is important to tip the valet that parked the car as well as the valet that picked the car up. In terms of a typical tip, a standard tip is within the range of two to five dollars.

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How to Use Valet Parking