How You Can Help Market Your Car Dealership or Auto Repair Shop

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Marketing a car dealership or auto repair shop needs to be done tactfully. There is quite a bit of money in the automotive industry to be made as the reliable on cars for transportation throughout the US is vast. The truth is that some cars are not made to last without extensive repairs being done. Other cars are not maintained by their owners requiring them to purchase a new car or invest thousands into their current car. The following are tips to help market your automotive=related business.

Trust the Pros

There is a chance that you also perform a part of the labor at your auto repair shop. This does not leave much time when it comes to marketing. Your time can be spent doing something you are great at while spending a reasonable amount on digital marketing. Taking this off of your plate can be a blessing especially if you find a company that provides results at an affordable price. SEO for your website is extremely important as consumers rely on search results to find new businesses. Being at the top of the search engine can drive in new customers that can be retained if they have a great experience.  Marketing doesn’t just include your search engine rankings but incorporates social media, online reputation management, and web design/website maintenance.

Online Listings Updated in Real Time

The last thing that you want is to have a potential buyer come to the dealership only to find the listing hadn’t been updated and the vehicle has been sold for a week. This can lead to losing a customer permanently if they drove a decent distance to check the car/truck/SUV out. People are willing to drive long distances for a great deal so make sure to target the extended area with your digital marketing efforts. A few hour drive is not out of the question if a buyer is going to save thousands of dollars in the process.

Market Your COVID-19 Safety Precautions

There are people that are scared to go into a showroom due to social distancing recommendations. The ability to meet a person that wants to test drive a car is important. Purchasing a new car is an investment and most people will not purchase a vehicle without driving it first. This is becoming more common as most online car sellers have a test period where a buyer can return the vehicle. Masks should be required unless outside on the lot as there is usually plenty of space. Auto mechanics might ask you to stay in their waiting room or outside if the waiting room is full. Arranging seating outside can be a lifesaver as people do not want to stand for extended periods for a simple repair. Shuttles to local customer’s homes is an option to reduce the number of people waiting at a dealership that offers repairs or auto repair shop.

Marketing your auto repair shop or car dealership needs to be done carefully. Big budgets go into these campaigns so you need to understand what tactics are generating the highest ROI., Cutting out aspects of marketing that are not converting can allow money to go towards tactics that are bringing in new customers.

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How You Can Help Market Your Car Dealership or Auto Repair Shop