How You Can Spruce Up Your Luxury RV to Look Almost New

Investing in a luxury RV can allow you to travel seamlessly around the country. There are plenty of comedians and bands that use a tour bus which is in actuality a luxury RV in some cases. RVs are expensive and can cost as much as a home so you want to get the most out of your investment. Sprucing up your RV as long as it is sound mechanically can allow you to have people thinking it is new. The following are tips on how you can spruce up your luxury RV so it looks as good as new.

New Flooring

Flooring will have to keep the weight in mind as extremely heavy flooring can impact the performance of your RV. There are so many options that are not only light but also extremely durable. You have to consider how many square feet of flooring that is going to be installed. Carpet is an option but this will not make your RV look new as carpet is more of a trend years ago. Cheap options can also deliver a luxury look as the durability of this flooring will not need to be what it is in a home with multiples pets and children running around daily.

Take a Look at the Appliances

The appliance in your RV can make it so much more convenient than it already is. There are a number of options that run on solar power if you are willing to invest in the panels. The right stove can allow you to cook truly delicious meals and enough storage in the fridge is imperative. The last thing you want to do is try to navigate through a grocery store parking lot in a giant vehicle any more than you have to.

Be Realistic About Your Expectations

If you only have a small budget you are not going to be able to afford all of the renovations and improvements mentioned above. Doing these one at a time will allow you to save the money instead of piling up debt or crippling your cash flow you use to live. You might not have the money to put a new tile floor into your RV but can afford to refinish the flooring. Shower refinishing is also an option and should be reasonably priced due to the shower being smaller than in a traditional bathroom. Sink refinishing is another option as well that can be affordable and provide the results that you want.

Quality Yet Reasonably Sized Electronics

Taking a trip with kids will never be easier than it is in an RV. They can stay entertained on even the longest of trips and you will not have to stop frequently for bathroom breaks. You want to have an entertainment section that includes a TV and possibly a gaming system. You do not want this to dominate the room though as you want the room to live and walk comfortably throughout the cabin.

Your RV could be your primary residence or just a vessel to get you from one place to another comfortably. Take the time to look at various upgrade options as you might be surprised with the results you find. 

Author: Brandon Park