How You Can Use Your Car to Earn Additional Income

The investment that you make in a car can pay for itself if you use the car wisely. Renting your car out simply is not an option for a number of reasons that have to deal with insurance for many drivers. Adding someone to your insurance that reimburses you and drives safely is another story. There are plenty of arrangements like this across the country. A person that has a car in New York City will likely not get much use out of it due to traffic and the seamless nature of public transportation. 


Trucks can be used to Uber but also to help transport. You can earn by helping people move or simply allowing them to load your truck then you drive it to the destination. Hauling items like boats will require a trailer hitch which most trucks have as hauling is a part of truck ownership. Be careful when hauling valuable items as you will need to have something signed that waives you of any liability. 


Driving for Uber has become a supplemental way to earn for some and a full-time job for others. For those that live close to an airport, this can be a great opportunity to earn as flights arrive. You never know where a person needs a ride to so be aware you could take yourself far away from home. Earning tips on Uber will have to do with the way you treat the riders although some won’t tip regardless. You should also closely track your mileage as this will be extremely important come tax season. During surges, a driver can make immense amounts like outside of a nightlife hub on a saturday night. 


There are sticker advertisements that can be put on cars of certain ages. Most people think that those with stickers on their cars work for the company they are advertising. You can actually earn weekly by putting stickers on your car for various businesses. You obviously cannot have competing businesses on your car and some companies might require you only to display their advertising. Do your research online so you can be paid simply by driving around your car daily. 

Scrapping Your Old Car

There are some people that have had a car on their property that they have no intention of fixing at any point. The truth is that you can earn from the scrap metal if you take it to a salvage yard. There still might be parts in working condition that can be recycled. Getting the paperwork together is important as the auto salvage yard needs proof of ownership. People trying to do this with cars that they still owe money on is also illegal. 

Your car should not just be an investment that costs you money over time to maintain. You can earn from your vehicle nearly immediately if it runs reliably. You can even use the tactics above to help pay for the vehicle that you own. Paying off a car by driving with Uber a few days a week is a great opportunity.

Author: Brandon Park