Important Information to Have about Car Warranties

Most people don’t pay much attention to car warranties and think it’s a simple agreement that comes in handy if your car needs some repair services. In most cases, the manufacturer will offer those services, but sometimes, you can get those services from a specific repair shop mentioned on your agreement. But, the thing you need to understand is that car warranties have limitations – there are things they can and can’t cover. If you make assumptions, you should get ready for a surprise when you eventually go to a repair shop to utilize your warranty agreement.

So many people are under the impression that a car warranty will cover all types of damage done to your vehicle after an accident. It is not true though. In fact, most car owners are surprised to know that their car warranties have nothing to do with accident damage.  This is when you have to rely on your auto repair insurance or your standard auto insurance. In fact, you may notice that your standard car warranty don’t even cover the standard/routine maintenance costs.

Car Warranties Cover Certain Defects

Car warranties from Audi and even other manufacturers become effective under certain circumstances. Mostly, you will be covered for factory defects, certain mechanical breakdowns, and restoration work. In the case of Audi, you can use the warranty to resolve mechanical defects. For instance, it helps you correct issues related to engine, such as connecting rods, pistons, oil pump, crankshaft, block, camshaft, cylinder head, flywheel, ECM and associated wiring.

Similarly, cooling system defects are covered too, and may include issues related to expansion tank, radiator fan, coolant pump, thermostat, and actuation/indicator switches. Moreover, the warranty may also help you in case you experience problems related to fuel system, automatic transmission, suspension, steering, brakes, climate controls, radio and navigation, and electrical.

Car Warranties have Limitations

However, keep in mind that your manufacturer’s warranty is quite limited and won’t help in so many cases. For instance, your warranty from Audi won’t cover tires, maintenance and service adjustments, and wear items, such as brake pads, brake rotors, clutch lining, windshield wiper blades, worn seat covers, etc. Moreover, you won’t be covered for any malfunction arising from your negligence to take your car to an unauthorized Audi dealer. And forget about any warranty claim if you alter the vehicle identification number in any way or you change the odometer. In fact, your warranty will no longer be valid if it is found that you have been using your vehicle in competitive events, such as car racing.

To avoid getting shocked in the last minute, you will be better off taking extended warranties from Audi. It covers you in so many cases and saves you from spending a lot of money. Of course, it is still difficult to find an ideal warranty plan, but you can still compare online to find the kind of warranty that suits your vehicle, your needs, and your budget. So, take your time, consider your driving habits, and then select a warranty plan for some peace of mind.

Author: Mike