Advantageous Information To Consider For Renting A Jeep In Maui When On Vacation

Jeep Rental in Maui

Most places in Maui are accessible via paved and marked roads, so for getting around in Maui itself, it will not be imperative to rent a 4×4 vehicle.

However, on the more remote beaches throughout Maui, especially the East side there is no way of driving down the rugged roads that are not paved.

Jeep Rental in Maui

Renting a jeep will allow you to visit the most remote to the most favored beaches alike without worrying about getting stuck in the sand or damaging your vehicle. Being able to access all those unrevealed beaches will undoubtedly make your vacation a much more worthwhile experience.

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Safety Tips For Renting A Jeep

  • Maui is infamous for its vehicle thefts. Therefore, you should only leave a few basic items in the jeep and lock the vehicle every time you’re getting out at a stop. Carry your valuable items such as cameras and phones on your person or in your hand luggage that you carry with you when getting out of the car. Don’t wait until you get to your end destination before trying to locate your belongings. Make sure you know where all your belongings are before stopping.
  • When you are letting taking down the t-tops, always ensure that you are putting them up again when you are stopping, as someone can quickly climb into the jeep from atop and nick your things.
  • Never park at places that are not adequately lit at night.

You can check out www.mauiliftedjeeprentals.com for fleet information and reservation details for hiring a jeep.

Tips for Driving in and Around Maui

  • Maui is an American state, so you are required to drive in the right lane.
  • All the roads signs are displayed in English.
  • All the information about speed limits and distance are in miles and not in kilometers.
  • Always wear your seatbelts as it is required by law for all passengers.
  • Turn signals must be used when driving in Maui.
  • Turn on your headlights when driving on the mountain roads from dusk until dawn or during rainfall and fogging.
  • Make sure to consider other drivers and don’t speed when you are driving on windy roads or in the mountain areas.

The Advantages Of Renting A Jeep in Maui:

  • A jeep can access hidden spots as it can be driven on rough and bumpy roads around the island.
  • You enjoy an edge of greater visibility due to the jeep’s height which is higher than most cars.
  • A jeep maneuver a lot easier when you’re faced with tight turning or small parking spaces.
  • Jeeps are stout and heavy-duty and a whole lot of fun to drive.

The Disadvantages Of Renting A Jeep in Maui:

  • The gas mileage is less favorable when compared to other cars.
  • They are the costlier option for rentals.
  • There is only restricted space to put your luggage.
  • Most jeeps can seat only two to four persons.
  • They can be quite rowdy.

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Jeep Rental in Maui

Advantageous Information To Consider For Renting A Jeep In Maui When On Vacation