Show employees you care by reserving parking spaces

The way you’re perceived is paramount in business. More often than not, perception is formed based on the style of leadership and communication. Employees need to understand that quality is at the forefront of your business operations – in other words, that you view them as assets. A good benefits package will convince the members of your organization that you care about them and have their best interests at heart. Given the traffic congestion and the ever-increasing cost of commuting, you should offer transportation benefits. Why don’t you take things one step further and reserve parking spots? 


If you have a mobile workforce that spends a lot of time on the road, it might be worth looking into this matter. The average driver waste about 17 hours per day trying to find a good parking spot. This translates into unnecessary expenses for the company. If you don’t handle the issue of employee parking, workplace dissatisfaction is inevitable. Parking is a desirable benefit. Actually, it’s one of the most appreciated benefits for workers at any level. If you’re willing to consider reserving parking spaces for your employees, continue reading to get the whole picture. 

What are the advantages of having reserved parking for your employees? 

You’ve started a small business and you’ve come to the point where you need to hire more employees. Right now, you shouldn’t be focusing on making new hires. What you should concentrate your efforts on is loyalizing the ones that have contributed to the success of the organization. In terms of providing benefits, you should offer something that employees can’t access on their own. You can pay or even provide free parking. There is no obligation to offer employees free parking, but it’s the smart thing to do. 

If you’re not sure if you should pay for employee parking, take the time to understand the pros of this option. 

Employees come to work on time 

Parking the old-fashioned way isn’t efficient. As mentioned earlier, you waste a great deal of time trying to secure a parking spot. No strategy can save time on walking, driving, and asking whether it’s a good idea to park in that spot in the first place. If the members of your team show up late for work quite frequently, don’t be surprised. It’s not their fault, after all. If you want them to report to work on time, make parking reservations ahead of time. Spaces will be assigned to specific individuals. 

If the office is located in a crowded area, you have all the more reason for reserving parking spaces. Staff members will have a place where they can safely leave their cars. Most importantly, they won’t ever arrive late. Even if the workers don’t arrive on time for work in a timely manner, they can’t blame it on parking miles away. Choose to be the office hero. Reserve numerous parking spots near the office location. This way, you’ll make commuting stress-free for your employees. 

You show your appreciation and gratitude 

You can’t make everyone in the company happy. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to try. Employees are the most important assets. They spend so much of their time at the office that they deserve something in return. Show the members of the organization that you care by allowing them to enjoy easy parking. Don’t know how it’s done? It’s simple, really. To get access to affordable and secure parking spots you:

  • Search the map for free parking spots.
  • Decide if you want to pay with debit or credit card.
  • Pick up the access system for the parking facility. 
  • Start saving money

Reserved parking enjoys a great deal of popularity in cities with high traffic congestion like Seattle. Speaking of which, it’s impossible not to find reasonably priced monthly parking in Seattle. Your employees park regularly in the same area, so monthly parking is the right option. When it comes down to monthly parking, you enjoy special parking rates, not to mention that the parking location can be accessed at any time.  

Employees are by your side in the nick of time 

If something were to go wrong, you would need your workers to be in close proximity. Imagine the following situation: an employee calls in sick and you have to find a replacement soon. You manage to find someone willing to help you out. The only problem is that it takes too long to get to the office. If you would have reserved parking spaces, you wouldn’t have to worry that your employee won’t make it before you close the doors. As you can see, it can come in handy to have parking spaces that say “Reserved”. With a few clicks, you can reassign the space to someone else. 

Just so you know, the IRS offers relief for parking benefits. This means that you’re able to reduce your tax liability. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the IRS always updates the rules regarding employee parking, so it’s worth doing your research. Expenses that are allocated to reserved employee spots are generally non-deductible, but there are some exceptions to the rule. The calculation varies depending on a lot of factors, so get someone to help you. A professional will advise you what to do about the expenses incurred. 

Final considerations 

The bottom line is that you need to motivate the members of your team to succeed. Having reserved parking for employees can turn out to be a great move. If you can’t offer all employees parking benefits, at least encourage alternative transportation and flexible work arrangements. Take into consideration individual needs when making the schedule and allow employees to telecommute. The results include increased productivity, improved office morale, and additional working hours. Make sure to be clear on the rules before you start offering such privileges. 

Assign parking spaces according to priorities and make sure staff members respect parking lot etiquette. They shouldn’t take up more space than necessary and littering is out of the question. What is more, let people know that parking benefits aren’t permanent. They can be withdrawn at any time. 

Author: Brandon Park