Is it Easy to Build a Career Using Cisco CCENT Certification? Why PrepAway Exam Dumps Are Helpful?

Ever considered building a career in the IT networking industry? Perhaps it all seems daunting and you’re wondering if you can ever make it in the industry. Or you’re probably afraid of the fierce competition in the job search market. Why not put the best foot forward by pursuing a reputable entry-level certification that you might have heard quite a lot about? 

The CCENT certification is here to help you fulfill your potential and put you on par with the top dogs in the IT industry. Considering how challenging it can be to attain your credential, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the Cisco CCENT certification including details about the related exam and a few tips for success here

Let’s move on to the certification details.

What is the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician Certification?

The CCENT certification qualifies IT professionals for entry-level network support positions. This credential is widely recognized as the starting point for many professionals looking to build a career in the networking domain of the IT industry. 

Cisco CCENT certified individuals showcase their ability to not only install and operate but also troubleshoot basic network security and small enterprise branch networks.


As an entry-level networking certification, there are no requisites for the Cisco CCENT credential.

Why Certify?

Whether you are an expert in the IT industry with several years of experience below your belt or an aspiring candidate looking to jumpstart their career in the industry, you will always need a starting point. 

Read on to find a few benefits of this excellent entry-level Cisco credential.

1. Proves your Networking Knowledge

Attaining the CCENT certification verifies your networking knowledge and skills in a tangible way. Getting certified shows your networking knowledge, which could help your employer realize their business needs.

2. A Stepping Stone Towards Becoming CCNA Certified

The CCENT certification marks the first step in your quest for the CCNA credential. By pursuing the CCENT credential, you can easily pursue other top-rated Cisco certifications and advance your career in the long run.

3. Demonstrates your Knowledge to your Employer

In today’s competitive job market, you may need a way to prove yourself to a potential employer. And the CCENT certification enables you to stand out from the crowd by highlighting your skills in the best way. After all, having this significant mark on your CV can never hurt your career prospects, can it?

What are your Career Prospects?

So, which roles employ the CCENT knowledge and skills? Well, the list might be long but some of the honorable mentions include Help Desk Technician, IT Network Support Technician, Information Technology Specialist, Network Administrator, and Support Technician among the rest. 

According to the Infosec Institute, the average salary for CCENT certified professionals ranges from $30,000 to $92,323 per year.

How to Become CCENT Certified

To attain your CCENT certification, you will have to pass one exam, Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1(ICND1), or 100-105 by code. Keep reading to find the exam details and tips for passing it on your first try.

Cisco 100-105 Exam Information

The Cisco 100-105 exam presents 45-55 questions that you need to complete within 90 minutes. The test covers 5 major networking domains, which include LAN Switching Technologies (26%), Routing Technologies (25%), Infrastructure Services (15%), Infrastructure Maintenance (14%), and Network Fundamentals (20%).

Cisco 100-105 Exam Training Options

Cisco offers a plethora of study options for the CCENT exam preparation. Here are a few options worth mentioning.


The eLearning platform is known to offer helpful training courses for the CCENT exam success. Check out the ICND1 course that is aimed at helping exam takers certify with ease on their first try.

Practice Exams

Validate your skills using Cisco’s lab environments that cover all the exam objectives. Here, you will find the Cisco Modelling Labs and the Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab Personal Edition all of which are geared towards exam excellence.

Classroom Training

If the mentioned options do not suit your schedule, then you may want to check out classroom training. This platform features helpful study materials including training courses that are designed by certification experts.


Your CCENT certification is valid for 3 years from the time you attain it. Luckily, you can renew it by earning a higher-level credential such as the associate level CCNA or other professional level credentials. Check out the Cisco official website to find more information about recertification.

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The CCENT certification is more than just a stepping stone to becoming CCNA certified. CCENT certified individuals find their roles in prestigious sectors such as healthcare, IT consulting, manufacturing, and software development industries. If you’re not certified yet, then you could be missing a lot by now. Get focused and use the highlighted tips to earn your CCENT certification today using the exam dumps from PrepAway and enjoy the potential benefits.

Author: Brandon Park