Key Things to Remember When Building a Temporary Car Showroom

As technology continues to change the world, structures are also getting their share of benefits. Car showrooms are no longer brick and mortar structures with dull walls and tiny poorly lit spaces; they are modern structures with glossy finishes, bright and colorful illumination, high-end floors, and above all, glass walls for people to have a peek at the vehicles from outside.

The good thing is that businesses can achieve this through temporary structures that include assembled aluminum frames, glass panels, and other materials. So, if this is what you are planning to build, there are some important considerations to make. Read on to learn more.


Vehicle showrooms are made of different materials. Temporary structures also have a variety of materials as options such as steel vs. aluminum frames, glass panels vs. canvas covers, or a number of other options. The budget and your preference are the main determining factors here. If you have a choice, always go for the materials that provide more value for the money. This is to say that materials that are affordable and durable and will make the vehicle showroom attractive are the best to consider.

Construction Time

The time necessary to finish your temporary car showroom is very crucial. For instance, if there is an urgent need, choosing a modular design that has already manufactured panels will cut the completion time by half. But if you have more time, you can go for customised designs that take some time to complete. The choice is yours.

The Design

Constructing an attractive and eye-catching car showroom gives you the edge in getting more walk-in customers. Smart-Space is one supplier who will provide you with a fully customised design to suit your needs. As you make this decision, also remember to plan how the cars will be arranged inside the building. It is paramount for them to face the front side for maximum exposure to passers-by.

Cost Implication

Temporary car showrooms are easy to plan and build. Many experts make the process even simpler since they take charge of planning, preparing the ground, obtaining the licenses, and constructing in one package. And you will be surprised to know that the overall cost is more affordable than building brick and mortar showrooms. If possible, compare the prices of a few professionals in your area to get the best value for the money.


The car showrooms that are located on busy streets have an advantage since many people will see them. It is also easy to access them especially if the entry is convenient. Sometimes, it is a good idea to build your showroom in an area with many competitors to enjoy the numerous potential buyers who frequent the area. Locating your temporary structure here also encourages people to take a test drive.


Planning and constructing a temporary car showroom are not very easy especially when you want it to stand out. First, involve professionals who will guide you in the right direction. Also, research more about what is trending as far as showrooms are concerned.


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Key Things to Remember When Building a Temporary Car Showroom