Knowing When You Should Drive and When You Should Get Public Transport

Despite people tending to stick to either driving or public transport, the two have different strengths and weaknesses. Climate change is a hugely important issue, so it’s no surprise that public transport having the advantage of being more environmentally friendly gives it a huge advantage when deciding which mode of transportation to go with.

However, it’s not the only consideration at play, and sometimes it’s just not going to be convenient or even feasible in the same way that simply driving is. Equally, though driving seems like the more convenient option, it will regularly have some negative aspects to it that might deter you from considering it for certain journeys. If you have access to both, you’re in a good position to pick and choose for the best results.

When Should You Drive?

Personal Freedom

As stated before, driving is incredibly convenient and gives you a great degree of personal freedom when it comes to deciding where you want to go and when you want to be there. For many people, this will override any possible advantage to public transport, especially when they’re already paying the various costs required to own a vehicle and want to avoid paying further for the use of public transport. For this reason, if you have yet to get yourself a car and would like to explore this option further, consider visiting the car supermarket in order to get the full scope of what’s available for purchase.

Road Trips

Driving also holds the advantage of offering the possibility of road trips. You can embark on a specific route with your friends to create a memorable experience. While you can travel with your friends on public transport, it isn’t quite the same and might not offer that same feeling of comradery and shared adventure. Additionally, driving your car as opposed to public transport can allow you to explore places that you’re unfamiliar with, due to your control over the vehicle and how your curiosity can lead you. This, in tandem with the road trip format, can provide some unique moments that you wouldn’t be able to find in any other scenario.

The Positives of Public Transport

Less Responsibility

What public transport does allow that driving yourself around does not, however, is a more relaxed approach to travel. You can sit back and look out the train window as it takes you along a beautiful coastline, something that you wouldn’t be able to do behind the wheel due to the fact that you have to pay attention to the road. This can be especially appealing if you’re going somewhere for a night out and need to travel back that same night or early the next day.

For the Sake of the Environment

Additionally, the aforementioned environmental impact could also provide ample incentive, especially if you find yourself living in a busy city and regularly encounter heavy traffic whenever you attempt to drive through the center yourself. In these situations, it might simply be best to go with the simpler solution, without thinking about the costs you’ve already spent on the car.

Author: Brandon Park