Lamborghini Is Getting Ready To Enter The World Of NFTs



Lamborghini releases a teaser video revealing something that is related to NFTs.

This teaser was shared across the automaker’s social media platforms and shows an image of the moon while the soundtrack of what seems to be a Lamborghini Huracan is played in the background. The teaser ends with the statement ‘Something cool is coming moon.’ A logo for NFTPRO then flashes on the screen.

It seems likely that Lamborghini’s reference to the moon refers to the meme ‘To the moon’ often used by pundits of certain stocks and cryptocurrencies.

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It is difficult to determine exactly what Lamborghini plans, but it appears that it has some sort of NFT collection in the works. This could consist of an all-digital collection of art or perhaps even a new limited-edition variant of one of its current models that’s somehow related to the world of NFTs.

No matter what the reason, we will be hearing more about this project in the very near future.

In recent months, a number of auto manufacturers have joined the NFT trend. Alex McLeod, a Canadian artist, auctioned off an exclusive GT-R Nismo Special Edition and GT-R Nismo NFT in October. It sold for $2.3 Million. In June, Hispano Suiza also launched 12 NFTs of its Carmen sports car, pricing each one at €1.55 million, roughly the same price as a real-life Carmen.

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Author: Brandon Park