Learn How to Stay Healthy on a Road Trip

Road trips can be fun and exhilarating, but that is just one side of them. There is also the other side of requiring a commitment, physically, mentally and financially. Most of the times when we plan for these trips, our minds are transfixed at the great sites we are to experience and the numerous photos and videos we are to take to post on our social media platforms. No one ever puts into consideration the aspect of healthy food and the effort it would take to drive thousands of kilometers.

The recognized website https://freeyourspine.info gives us a few insights on how we can keep ourselves healthy protecting our spine as we prepare to sit for long hours driving around the country. Here are some of the important tips you should keep in mind to stay healthy in such trips.

Pack Some Healthy Snacks

Most often we just check the condition of the car, fuel and hit the road with nothing but our credit cards in our pockets. When we get hungry and tired along the way, that is when we hurriedly look for drive-ins and fast food restaurants to get some snarks. Well, this should not be the case next time you cruise around in summer. Have a cool box in your truck that you can pack some fruits and other healthy snacks. You can refill this on the road instead of having to rely on fast food that is very unhealthy. You will get plenty of fruits from farmers and food trucks. You can even bring a blender with you and have a healthy smoothie every day. A battery operated blender or one that plugs into a USB port in your car will be needed.

Carry Water

Don’t wait till you are thirsty to walk into a roadside store to buy some water. Some of this bottled water is actually unhygienic. How about you get some refillable cans and some small fridge that you can keep your water chilled. This will not only ensure that you stay healthy, but will also save you a few valuable bucks. Avoid stocking your fridge with soda and beer, those you can buy along the way if you’ll need them.

Get the Right Posture

If you are the designated driver or among the few drivers, ensure that you always get the most comfortable driving posture when it is your turn to drive. Ensure that the driver’s seat is adjustable and suitable for long distance driving before embarking on that long trip.

Stop and Exercise

You will obviously stop along the way on a road trip be it for business or for fun. In most cases, we focus on fun things like taking pictures and eating when we stop and forget to stretch and some exercise. This time around, ensure that you engage your group in a few exercise routines to stretch and get your blood flowing properly again in every stopover. This is because you will be sitting a long time in the course of the trip.

Stretch While Driving

Don’t just sit and get comfortable when on the wheel. Try and take some breaths to revitalize your mind so as to stay alert and to stretch once in a while to prevent sore and dump muscles. Twist your shoulders and pull those hamstrings a bit especially when you slow down due to traffic. You can also stretch your arms and shoulders when cruising on the highway.

Shop at Supermarkets

Instead of making stops at convenience stores, opt to do serious shopping that can last you a few days instead of buying things randomly at convenience stores. Supermarkets offer you a variety of healthy whole and uncooked foods that you can later prepare yourself and eat something healthy.

You Need to Rest

Road trips aren’t fun if at one point you all get too tired to enjoy the pleasantries that you find along the way. There should be several qualified drivers to take turns to drive so that no one gets really overwhelmed.  Do not let any one person drive for more than 50 kilometers without getting relieved. You should also make long stopovers at inns to sleep and take showers to refresh yourselves.

Not unless you have to meet an urgent deadline, always give yourself some time allowance when going on a long road trip to ensure that you do not have the need to drive super-fast or lack time for stopovers.  

Author: Brandon Park