Liberty Automotive Protection Revamps Extended Service Plans


Liberty Automotive Protection, a leading extended service plan provider for the auto industry, has revamped its offerings in response to consumer needs. There are now six different levels of protection to choose from to fit various budgets and requirements. The business is operaterated from New Jersey. Owners who wish to have stress-free car ownership can call the company for more information and immediate coverage. 

The Basic Plan is designed to cover a car’s most vital component: the engine. If this starts to fail, then owners will have to shell out large amounts of money. Getting a plan can help shield against these bills. It is an ideal solution for those who are using older vehicles as these are more likely to have engine problems. Every internal part is included in the coverage so there is no need to worry about the pistons, crankshaft, exhaust valves, intake manifold, and so on. Even the engine block and heads can be covered by the plan in certain cases. 

The Powertrain Plan is the next step up as it not only covers the engine but also the transmission, the drive axles, the transfer case, the seals, and gaskets. Note that the transmission case and the torque converter case are only covered if the resulting damage is due to an internally lubricated part. Other parts included are the vacuum modulator and internal linkage. As for the drive axles, the final drive housing, transaxle housing, and differential housing are covered is damage is from failure of internally lubricated parts. 

The Classic Plan goes beyond the engine, transmission, seal & gaskets, and drive axles. This one also includes the air conditioning and electrical systems. It is a much more protective plan that lets you ease your worries about the most critical parts of your car. The AC is crucial for comfort, after all, and repairs do not come cheap. Problems with the electrical can also make the car unstable or unresponsive. The plan may cost more than earlier options but it might just be worth it in the long run.

The Premier Plan is a much more comprehensive offering than the first three described. Aside from taking care of the engine, the transfer case, seals & gaskets, air conditioning, and the electrical system, this one also covers the crucial water pump and fuel system. For the water pump, included are the impeller shaft, bushings, bearings, and housings. For the fuel system, included are the fuel injection pump, the fuel delivery pump, and the metal fuel delivery lines.

The Royal Select Plan covers every major component and more. If you have a new vehicle that you wish to keep as pristine as possible without spending too much on repairs, then this is what you should get. The level of care is incredible as it also includes the steering, the cooling system, the suspension, the brake system, including ABS brakes. Optional coverage include sports utility accessories, advanced electrical installations, and audio-visual equipment such as the OBD2 scanner, which can perform complex tasks including reading and clearing of ABS and SRS codes. 

For the ultimate in protection, there’s the Elite Exclusionary Plan. This one covers everything on the car save for the basic wear and tear, as well as the continuing maintenance. Call Liberty Automotive Protection to learn about the exact inclusions and limitations of this plan.  

All of these offerings come in affordable rates with payment options. Customers can choose their mechanic nationwide as they are not limited to a single dealership. Rental car reimbursement is included in most of these plans. Free towing and other emergency roadside assistance will be given. Customers can file an unlimited number of claims throughout the warranty coverage.

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Liberty Automotive Protection Revamps Extended Service Plans