Major misconceptions about truck drivers

Major misconceptions about truck drivers

Although the job of driving seems easy to many people, being a truck driver is very challenging. It’s far from an occupation that anyone can do.

And frankly, it is not at all made easy by a lot of rumors and misconceptions about truck drivers. It’s important to understand that truck drivers play an extremely important role, not only for the smooth functioning of the economy, but for our entire society. Unfortunately, they often remain undeservedly forgotten.

Therefore, we decided to dispel some of the most common misconceptions people traditionally have about truck drivers.

All truckers are men

Traditionally in our society, trucking, like construction and some other industries, has been perceived as a largely male-dominated field. but it cannot be overlooked that in the United States, as in the rest of the world, the number of female truck drivers is growing.

As of 2021, women made up only about 7 percent of CDL holders. However, female truck drivers are a rapidly growing group, and the number of women entering the profession each year is steadily increasing.

In fact, the steady growth in the number of female truck drivers has been one of the major sensations of the last few years. And since the demand for truck drivers is higher than ever these days, more and more women are choosing to pursue trucking careers. Almost all companies are now hiring female drivers and HMD Trucking is doing it too.

Drivers are not appreciated

Sometimes in life, if you don’t see someone, it means they aren’t remembered. But when it comes to truckers, they are the driving force behind American business.

Without truck drivers, the whole business would simply collapse. People wouldn’t be able to buy their own food. It would have been almost impossible to buy any at all. You could never get all those nice, nice little things you so often buy from places like ebay.

In 2022, truckers are considered indispensable key workers that the country needs to keep the economy running smoothly. If you’re looking for a career that makes a real difference, trucking is just that, as it provides millions of people with food, fuel, clothing and other necessities.

For the first time, people began to recognize that if you want to make a real difference in your life, then become a truck driver. You can read more about the different types of work available to drivers here:

Anyone can drive a truck

Technically, anyone can become a truck driver by taking the appropriate truck driving training. But it’s worth understanding that this job isn’t suitable for everyone. Some people are more suited for it than others.

Truck driving can be a rewarding career that has its perks, but it will definitely be challenging.

If you’re thinking about starting a truck driving career, we recommend visiting a few different trucker forums to learn firsthand about all the joys and sorrows of a driving career.

Truck drivers drive unsafely

Truck drivers must undergo intensive and fundamental training in order to qualify to drive commercial vehicles. High requirements for continuous training make them some of the most safety-conscious and advanced drivers on America’s roads.

They also pass regular drug tests, failure in which will make it almost impossible for them to continue working for any reputable company. Drinking on the job will also result in the termination of a driver’s career, if not completely, then for a significant number of years.

And even those who strictly follow the rules are monitored in one way or another by a small black box in the cabin. The tachograph keeps track of when and how long drivers are behind the wheel, when they take a break, and how long the pause was between shifts.

So professional truck drivers are the safest and most closely monitored drivers in the United States.

Truck drivers don’t care about other road users

In fact, truck drivers are “good Samaritans” and always stop if they see another motorist in trouble. Find enough good examples of this for yourself on YouTube.

Truckers are often the cause of accidents

Truck drivers are much more cautious, safety-oriented, and better trained than almost any other driver on the road.

In reality, most truck accidents are caused by drivers driving in a blind spot. Also, keep in mind that a trucker can drive 10 times as much as a regular motorist just by being on the job

Truckers are uncultured

That is a very stupid and snobbish statement. Drivers have the opportunity to travel everywhere . They have the unique opportunity to see and experience a myriad of places, sights, and things.

In addition, they spend long hours in their cab where they have constant access to podcasts, which many drivers use to pump up their language skills and general knowledge. Does the standard office worker have time for such activities?

Truckers are lonely

Truck drivers can actually be a very sociable profession, it all depends on the temperament of the driver himself. Truckers are constantly meeting new people, working with them, and sharing stories.

You get to meet people in different states as you haul cargo from destination to destination. In addition, you become a welcomed and valued member of the community that will support you.

Drivers sit in one place all the time

Besides driving, truck drivers have many other responsibilities: unloading and loading, planning routes, etc., and many drivers take care of themselves, lead an active lifestyle and exercise during breaks at stops. That’s why truck driving is more than just sitting behind the wheel.

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