Mobile Office Trailer: What to Know Before Buying or Renting One

A mobile office trailer brings to the table plenty of practical and fast solutions for organizations and companies looking to set up a professional, comfortable, and efficient workspaces at offsite locations.  

This modular structure is strong enough to offer a permanent solution but also provides a temporary solution for onsite work. Depending on how often you would require a mobile office trailer, you can choose to buy or rent it.  

The choice of renting or buying depends on how long you want to invest in a trailer, what your budget is, and even where this trailer will be located. There are other considerations that you need to look into when choosing a trailer. Let’s take a look at what these elements are, so it’ll help you make an informed decision: 

  • Do you want a new or used trailer? 

To guide into deciding which option is better, you need to look at the length of time you need it for as well as your budget. Are you looking for something for more than three years? Or maybe you need something for the weekend or for a few months? If you do need a mobile office trailer for long-term requirements, investing in a new trailer is definitely more worth it. However, if you need something for the short-term, a few weeks or maybe less than a year, going for the used trailer option is better.  

  • What are your specifications for size? 

This is a crucial element in an office trailer, and it boils down to your office needs. Are you looking for a small cabin to house documents and dossiers, or are you looking for a complete yet temporary office structure? Is the trailer only for storage, or is it to house a security team? Is it a guardhouse? When you speak to the office trailer manufacturer, they will first ask you about your space needs. Most manufacturers, such as https://www.craftsmenind.com/mobile-office-trailers, will help you choose a trailer that best fits your needs.  

  • Where will you need the trailer delivered? 

Mobile office trailers are robust and versatile to fit any location needs. However, the manufacturer would request for this information to ensure that the base of the trailer is strong and stable enough to handle the terrain it is parked in. Essentially, they are looking for a flat piece of are so it can provide a strong foundation for the trailer. Some manufacturers also offer to have a look at the site, especially if you are looking for a long-term solution.  

  • Would you need any customized requirements for your trailer? 

Yes, you can get your trailer customized, provided your manufacturer is able to do this for you. You can add amenities and comfort to the office trailer, such as built-in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, carpeting, conference room setup, furniture, a pantry, and even a kitchen. A pre-fabricated trailer can also be enhanced with add-on features.  

  • Would you receive after-sale services? 

This is an important element to check with your manufacturer- will you get any after-sales customer services once you invest in the trailer? It is vital that your manufacturer provides this service so that you can reach out to them in case of anything such if there are any structural or circuitry issues etc. Checking reviews of a manufacturer’s website on Yelp or Google is one way of getting an idea of the level of professionalism and service they provide- both before and after a transaction is done.  

The above-mentioned elements are just some of the questions you want to go over with your chosen manufacturer. Now, with regards to the size of your trailer, here are some more questions to bring forward: 

Choosing a Size for your Office Trailer 

Speaking of size requirements, your manufacturer would probably ask you for this information: 

  • How many people would be working in the trailer at any given time 
  • The electrical requirements for the trailer- computers, electronics, heating, AC, etc 
  • Does the trailer need a common area for meetings and conferences? 
  • Will you need mobility facilities? 
  • How long would the trailer be used in a day? 
  • Do you need cubicles, desks, and built-in furniture? 
  • Do you need extra security features on the trailer? 
  • How remote is the site- do you need holding tanks for water and waste for restrooms? 

Choosing Materials for Your Office Trailer 

The interior and exterior materials are important to consider, as well. Depending on your layout option, you can choose to modify the office trailer from what was originally offered to you.  

Most manufacturers have a more extensive list of interior requirements than external ones. Most of the time, external finishes include color finishes and adding signage or logo to indicate who the trailer belongs to or what the trailer is for. If your budget permits, you can tell them of your color choices (usually to go with corporate branding), but going with the standard colors is fine too.  

For interior finishings, here are some of the things to consider: 

  • What materials do you want for the walls and flooring? Most walls on mobile trailers have vinyl finishing to give the trailer an open and light environment.  
  • What kind of flooring do you want- tiled, painted flooring, carpeted, or a combination of these options? 
  • When it comes to ceiling options, there’s the only option, which is sea-spray gypsum.  

Once you get an idea of the desired layout, interest, and exterior finishings, it’s now down to your financing options. Do the requirements you want fit into your budget? 

Choosing Your Financing Options 

Most manufacturers provide several financing options for companies. These flexible financing options are meant to provide contractors, organizations, and companies the flexibility of payment and the flexibility of providing a trailer based on the budget. Here is a general idea: 

  • Purchase by cash  
  • Lease 
  • Lease to Purchase 

Hopefully, these pointers are a good start to helping you find the right mobile trailer solution for your business or project needs.  

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Mobile Office Trailer: What to Know Before Buying or Renting One